Pierre von Argiano

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    Special Playable Character Template


    Name: Pierre von Argiano
    Gender: Male
    Age: 52
    Race: Human
    Location: Traveling
    Occupation: Slaver.

    Personality: Pierre is a man whose ethics and morals went the way of the dinosaurs... at least the way they went on Earth. Pierre is a despicable man, and he's constantly called one of the worst of the worst. He's a slaver, and he's damn good at his job. He sells people like a traveling salesman sells vacuum cleaners. And what's worse, he doesn't give two damns about the people he both sells to and sells. The only thing Pierre cares about is money, and he's damned and determined to earn as much as possible. He's also a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to selling slaves, and he always has the cream of the crop—the best of the best. He'll do whatever it takes to get the best of the best as well. So no, he doesn't sell people like vacuum cleaners. Pierre von Argiano sells people like a Mercedes-Benz.


    Pierre von Argiano Pierre

    Abilities and Skills

    Magic Type: Scholar
    Magic Description: Pierre is capable of sealing Arcana within someone after spending three hours inscribing curse marks on someone. These can be removed with specialized magic. The Arcana that is sealed within them still flows, but it can not leave the body.
    Sword Cane: Pierre wields a sword cane as his main weapon of choice.
    Choking Collars: Pierre's primary "come with purchase" item. These collars are special, and are a way to deter slaves from running away and/or disobeying their master. The collars come in two parts—the collar and a key. The collar takes a few different basic styles, but it's always fashionable to one degree or another. That is, of course, unless the user requests it in a more crude form. Once attached, it can not be removed without the key. It has been enchanted to be unbreakable. The collar can extend up to one inch away from the wearer to allow them to clean under it. The primary function of the collar is to choke the wearer until death or they obey their master. If the wearer of the collar leaves a 1-mile radius of the key, then it begins to choke them. The key is given to the new owner and is enchanted to match a single collar. It is a skeleton key with a single red button on it. Press the button on the key, and the collar chokes the wearer for however long it is pressed. It, like the collar, is also enchanted to be unbreakable. The key also can act as a compass to point the owner in the direction of the collar. It can also cause the collar to make beeping noises to inform the wearer to return to its owner. The wearer of the collar also always knows the direction and distance they are from their owner.

    Skills: Pierre is a damn good negotiator, and he loves repeat customers. He's also decently good with a sword cane.

    History and Permissions

    Character Background: Pierre von Argiano is not Pierre von Argiano's real name. He lies about his childhood in Cieria, and no one knows where he's really from. To many, he just came out of the blue and created a slavery empire. But to those that have been with him from the start of his criminal career (like his right-hand man Hugo), they know he created the empire on blood, sweat, and tears. Pierre was originally based in Grandview, but after a falling out with the Vonnera family a few years prior he was forced out of town. He is welcomed in there now that he has established that he is greater than initially though. He is currently at odds with il Drago, and the two are known to purposely avoid one another. Pierre also currently operates out of a caravan that only a select few know the route of.

    Allowed to Play: Anyone who will not just immediately kill the guy off. He's scum, but he's not just some plot point for an easy kill on your tirade of JUSTICE and GOODNESS.
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    Approved. This shall be fun.

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