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    Luxanna Luminere [APPROVED, 0-5] Empty Luxanna Luminere [APPROVED, 0-5]

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    Character Template


    Name: Luxanna Luminere
    ALIAS: The Lady Of Luminosity
    Devote Of Light: The Noir
    Gender: Female
    Age: 24
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 125


    Luxanna Luminere [APPROVED, 0-5] AP2_zpsi90hrzco

    Luxanna Luminere [APPROVED, 0-5] AP3_zpsbaxdgjks
    Luxanna Luminere [APPROVED, 0-5] AP4_zpsvw7tswnm
    Luxanna Luminere [APPROVED, 0-5] AP1_zps0tnx7jes

    Personality: Deep down, there is a kindness that Luxanna has that no matter how hard she tries she can't get rid of. It was engraved in her by her Mother. She was taught to be kind, gentle, compassionate, patient, and to even strive for perfection like some princess would. This was at least the underlying lesson that she got from her Mother. The rest was, well, not the best. After her Father did what he did, her mother became angry and constantly talked down about the entire gender of men. The never stick around. They always leave. They always cheat. They're never loyal. They always lie. Never marry them. They only want one thing. Once that have that thing, it's down here from there. These things came daily and Luxanna began believing them. She stopped trusting men and never dated one. Instead, her attraction glided over toward the female gender and just stayed in that direction.

    Luxanna has a few trust issues. It's hard for her to let anyone close. Once they get to that point though, she's loyal to a fault. It's one of her Zakatian traits. Luxanna can be rather intimidating as well. Since she's the default "guild master" of the Noir, she considers it her responsibility to protect her guild members. Luxanna keeps up a rather professional and sometimes serious demeanor, but she has a side to her that only few see. She's a prankster. She has the ability to go invisible, so she often uses this to play pranks on people. Whether it's setting up a trap, pulling down their pants, or even making them feel haunted, Luxanna enjoys her pranks. Yes, she will also go so far as to take days to succeed and drive people nuts. She isn't one to give up and thinks real hard on what she's going to do. Pranking is often Luxanna's go-to way of getting revenge on someone in the Noir. Many fear her schemes.

    Luxanna isn't the shy type, but she's on the conservative side. She is confident when talking to people, doesn't show off her body, and rather easy going in normal situations. She usually wears clothing that covers her up, rarely showing off cleavage or anything like that. Luxanna also has a little risque side to her. She jokes a lot, but her jokes always come out as serious and are often sexually suggestive. She does it for the shock factor and enjoys the looks on peoples face when she surprises or even embarrasses them. Luxanna is very secure in her own sexuality, honest, and blunt. She'll tell someone like it is without question, so the things that would normally embarrass someone, or just throw them off, aren't things that she'd really be bothered by. There are times that she'll be shocked that someone said something, but nothing that would implicate her own embarrassment. She goes stoic.

    Luxanna is a native to Zakat, but because of the way she was treated, especially the rejection by her own Father, she has come to despise them. As a whole, the people there are pig-headed and stupid. Individually, they can be reasoned with, but don't you dare put them in a group. That's the easiest way to make sure nothing of reason gets accomplished. The only thing they seem to care about is their precious technology. If you dare come from anywhere else, or are blessed with a gift that doesn't fit their standards, they treat you like crap. The only thing that she does share with the Zakatians, besides her blonde hair and blue eyes, is their dislike for elves. The only exception seems to be Nadia, who she pretty much treats like a daughter or younger sister. In reality, Luxanna's prejudices toward Elves are the stories she's heard and only knowing the one that doesn't realize what she is.

    History: Luxanna is a native to Zakat, which is obvious because she fits the bill perfectly with her blonde hair and blue eyes. Her Mother and Father were both Zakatian as well, but there was a problem: Luxanna was born with the ability to use Arcana. There was a huge war within her own family because her Father accused her Mother of cheating on her. Her mother had recently taken a trip to Arcadia. When she returned, she had come with news that she was pregnant, but she never cheated on her husband. The day before she left, the two had shared in a long passionate night, so her Mother thought the truth would be obvious. Unfortunately, her Father was very anti-Arcadia and hadn't even wanted her to head to the disgusting country in the first place. Because of this, her Father used it as an excuse to take his own trip. He just chose not to return to his family anytime soon.

    Three years later, Luxanna was finally able to meet her Father when he returned. He had met another woman in Arcadia, which shocked the hell out of her Mother. She figured he had been gone because of some woman, but she wasn't expecting it to be an Arcadian or his return to be handing her divorce papers. Obviously her mother was pissed and rightfully so. The woman went crazy and began throwing things, refusing to sign his papers and cursing his new relationship to not work out until he treated his actual wife and child the way they should have been. The two fought for what seemed like hours. Luxanna's three year old self was hiding under her bed and trying not to listen. When her Father finally left, he slammed the door behind him and things changed with her Mother. They began traveling and moved from place to place, not staying anywhere for a long period of time.

    Luxanna no longer felt comfortable, or like she had a home. Her Mother was always angry and often took it out on her. She'd immediately get an apology, a few tears, and a hug, but it wasn't until Luxanna was thirteen that she began understanding what her mother had been put through. By this time, her mother had gotten very ill and they had little money. They needed a healer of some sort because no doctor in Zakat was able to help her Mother. They traveled north, the trip taking a long time, but before they entered Arcadia her Mother died. They were in the middle of the Silverwood Forest and Luxanna was forced to bury her Mother there. She chose to lay her to rest under the largest tree that she could find. From there, Luxanna went north and met up with a young woman with the strangest attitude about five years later. The two quickly became really good friends.

    Age 18: Nadia was her name, and the girl was six years younger than Luxanna, but also extremely naive and oblivious to most of the world. The lack of common sense that this woman had was astounding, but at the same time refreshing and a little endearing. Luxanna learned to love her and became very protective over her. Not too long after that, the two ran into a young man by the name of Masamune Fujiwara. He was a little rough around the edges, but Nadia instantly attached to him. Luxanna didn't like this. Her protectiveness and dislike of men had her completely wary of him for quite a long time. When she finally decided that he wasn't a threat, even Masamune and she became friends with each other. They became close enough that when Luxanna found out he didn't know his birthday, she forced him to share hers and always made his more important that hers is.

    Over time, the group ended up helping a lot of people and others that noticed this began coming along with them. They all traveled together, becoming somewhat of a family until finally they settled down in the town of Caydale in Aria. The group had saved up enough money to build themselves a guild hall and stuck around that town. Caydale had fallen into the worst luck, but with the Noir there to help, the towns hopes were restored. Seeing this, the newly formed Noir decided they would stay in Caydale, not leaving these people behind. Using Luxanna as their defacto guild master, they applied to become a legal guild and within six months succeeded. Over time, they've become rather popular and well-liked within Arcadia, but adored around Caydale. Luxanna finally feels somewhat at home, but she still feels that something is missing from her life. She just doesn't know what it is.


    Type: Sorcerer
    Description: Light Based Arcana

    Being a light sorcerer, Luxanna reacts negatively to the dark. The darkness makes her feel tired and weak. Luckily, she can react positively to all other forms of light: Arcana, electrical, flame, and sun. During the day, she is full of energy, strong, and her power is at it's best. The sun is obviously her most powerful source of energy and renewal. The sun makes her feel like she got the perfect nights sleep. She is ready, and able to do what she wishes. Fire is right after that, but has a lesser effect. Then electrical light is sort of like taking a pill or '2' hour energy and loses it's boost quicker.

    Light Affinity: First off, light based powers do not work on Luxanna during the day. At night, when she is weakened, yes, it has an effect on her, but it only does 50% intended damage. During the day, when she's at perfect power, she is able to absorb light into her being naturally. This is why being out in the sun makes her so damn powerful, she's constantly in her element. Luxanna has the ability to not only generate light, but collect it and fully bend light of all forms to her will. Doing this allows her to take away light to make an area dark or bring more in to brighten an area. Beyond that, she can condense and spread the light she has to create defensive and offensive abilities. Her light has a burning effect to it. Imagine taking a magnifying glass to a bunch of ants and incinerating them. That is exactly what Luxanna does, but on a much larger level.

    Shining Light: This spell allows Luxanna to create a shining ball of light to act like a torch. It is about the size of a tennis ball and can be moved mentally, so it does not have to be carried. The light can be dulled or  brightened on a whim and lasts up to five hours.

    Light Projection: This spell allows Luxanna to create up to five holographic images of herself. She wraps herself in light and mirrors it elsewhere to look like she's in multiple places. She can make up to ten projections of herself at once and they last up to one hour.

    Light Cloaking: This spell allows Luxanna to use light to cloak herself or a person, making them invisible. They are also unable to be sensed or smelled. Vision based abilities, such as thermal, do not work with the cloak. It lays over a person like a blanket does, so moving too quickly or other movements can cause the person to become visible. If they leave the cloak, it dispels and can last up to two hours. Five of these can be made at once.

    Invisibility: This spell is like the previous one, except it does not cloak the Arcana. It only makes the person invisible to the naked eye. They can be sensed or seen with different tools. This spell allows them to move like normal, can be cast on three people total, and lasts up to ten minutes, or until dispeled.

    Infusion: Luxanna uses this spell to infuse her Arcana with an item, allowing it to become a lightsource or even a weapon. If done, the item is extremely hot to the touch, yet not damaged. Luxanna does not feel this heat. She uses the infused item as a medium for attacks that come in different forms. The forms are spheres, beams, machine gun effects, shot gun effects, blades, and a whip.

    Light Wave Repel: This spell creates a barrier around herself in an instant to repel a single attack. Luxanna cannot cast this on anyone else. This is more of a reflexive thing. If she is suddenly under attack, as long as she realizes it, her energy reacts at the speed of light to protect her. It does lasts throughout an entire attack and is unbreakable. It can only be done twice per thread, but is reflexive. She cannot normally cast it.

    Light Warp: This allows Luxanna and one other object that weighs within 150% of her current weight, so 188 pounds, to instantly teleport to any light source that Luxanna is able to observe. The maximum travel distance is one mile and can only be done three times within one thread.

    Blinding Flash: Luxanna creates a "Shining Light", the first spell named in this list, but creates it at such a rapid rate that it 'pops'. Anyone looking at this light at that time, or in it's direction, will be blinded for up to five seconds upon the spells 'pop'. Five of these could be made per thread.

    Black Out: This spell allows Luxanna to absorb every ounce of light in an area, forcing the area to become darker than what should be possible. This change is almost instant and not seen. A lot of people think that they have suddenly lost their eye sight. You cannot see where you're going, where your friends are, or where other objects are. This goes for Luxanna to. She does not have night vision. All other light spells are half as useful and are too absorbed a round later. After five rounds are up, the light begins to shine from her body and then explodes outwards in a massive blast. Luxanna takes 50% of the damage that would have happened to anyone else.


    Equipment: N/A
    Skills: N/A

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    Agility: 3 + 10 = 13
    Durability: 3 + 10 = 13
    Endurance: 3 + 10 = 13
    Speed: 3 + 10 = 13
    Strength: 3 + 10 = 13

    Energy Control: 3 + 10 = 13

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