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    Nadia Cyanea [APPROVED, 1-1] Empty Nadia Cyanea [APPROVED, 1-1]

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    Elven Template


    Name: Nadia Cyanea
    ALIAS: --
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Height: 5'3"
    Weight: 115


    Nadia Cyanea [APPROVED, 1-1] 12_zpsadc12f5d


    Nadia Cyanea [APPROVED, 1-1] 8198fd07-6ae2-49c2-b147-2b95bc2970b1_zpsc5785768
    Nadia Cyanea [APPROVED, 1-1] 0a1aa9ae-dd11-43aa-a3ee-8997bf3bc835_zpse07f1e4f

    Personality: Ignorance and naivety are the two words that embody what Nadia Cyanea represents. Before we get to the specifics, the reason why needs to be explained. Nadia has this safety mechanism on her memory. She doesn't know it's there. Everything up to the age of six is fine, but after that is speculative. When something too scary or too painful occurs, she'll black out and won't remember it. This makes her a very tragic character. The amount of horrors that Nadia has experienced in life cannot be counted because she has no idea that they even happened. Because her memory lapses the way it does, she doesn't really learn anything and has been stuck in her childish state. When these bad things happen, Nadia's mind suppresses the actual event that took place and replaces it with something new and more acceptable. It's no telling what the memory will be either.

    Beyond the tragic memory she has, Nadia's an extremely sweet girl, sometimes almost to a fault. She treats everyone with kindness and always has a smile on her face. She's also the adventurous type. She can't stay in one place for long and rarely goes home. In fact, she only goes home most of the time to drop of things that she has bought or found on her trip. She prefers to be out or with her friends. She has two best friends: Luxanna and Masamune. Luxanna is like a big sister to Nadia. She respects her, loves her, and would die for her if that need was there. Masamune isn't like a big brother, which she thinks would make him sad, but Nadia just can't feel that way. She knows that Masamune is very, very important to her and wouldn't want to live without him in her life, but she has no idea what that importance is. She can't place it, but calling him brother just feels wrong.

    As a member of the Noir, Nadia is supposed to go on missions a lot, but they don't ever tell her to. She recently realized that it's because Masamune had been taking on her missions and that's just bad! He gets really hard ones too, all because of her. Of course, she's unaware of the fact that he gets her hard missions because he so easily succeeds at her other ones. Nadia likes anything that she sees as pretty. She has a collection of "glass statues" with very interesting designs that you can only find in one type of shop. She places them around her apartment to look at all the time. See, Nadia is extremely naive and ignorant of the world. Those glass statues are dildos. She's the type of girl that runs up to an angry dragon and thinks a hug is going to make him feel better. This is what happens when you have the mind of an eight year old that is seemingly stuck in an adult body.

    Nadia is adorable, but she's a little insecure about things. She may be ignorant of the world, but not so much so that she doesn't realize it. She knows she reacts oddly and differently to many things, but doesn't really realize why. She's been called a kid and childish by so many people that she thinks she is one. It doesn't help that Nadia's birthday is on February 29th. Because her birthday only comes once every four years, she thinks she's only four years old. She also thinks that this is what keeps her from being as smart as Masamune and Luxanna. She tries to study too, but seems to fall short. Something happens and suddenly she can't remember a good chunk of her life. The only parts of her life she remembers are the one's where she was a kid, and because of how young she was then, it's still hard to remember. Nadia just wishes that she could be like everyone else.

    Nadia is kind to just about every creature, big or small, that exists in Aurora, but they don't seem to treat her that well. Animals sometimes are mean and chase her, some have tried to even eat her! She doesn't like it. The things that treat her the worst though, are humans. They throw things at her, push her down, attack her, and anything else to be mean to her. She runs away from them a lot, and when things like this happen is when her memory often fails her and she forgets it all. It's the one thing that is keeping her really nice. She doesn't know why they hurt her when they do because she doesn't know that she is an elf. Her Father never treated her any different, nor did he mention being an elf. She doesn't even know they exist. She's as ignorant to the elves existence as most of the world is. She thinks her ears are a deformity and that is why humans don't like her.

    History: Nadia was just a baby when her Father found her floating along the river. About five miles north of him, an elven village had been found and burnt to the ground. Nadia was able to slip through their sights when her Father sent her down the river in a basket. When he found her, he was shocked at her elven ears, but took her in. She was just an innocent little baby, crying her eyes out in his arms. He gave her the name Nadia Cyanea, after his mother. She was raised like a normal child, never being told about her elven heritage in hopes that people would accept her. In fear of her being rejected, he still continued his life out in the forests of Cieria with Nadia by his side. Nadia was a sweet and gentle child that always had a smile on her face. She was a friend to all, from the bears in the woods to the fish in the river. Everything seemed to like her, except the humans.

    When Nadia was discovered by humans passing by, they stole her away. Her Father fought as hard as he could, but eight against one wasn't going to fair well. Nadia watched as these men slaughtered her Father in front of her and was then taken away. Nadia was raised by a cruel man, Pierre von Argiano, a well-known and experienced slaver. Nadia was stuck with him until she saw a way of escape. When she turned twelve, she was able to get away from Pierre and his guards. She ran as fast as she could and three men chased her. As she was running through the forest, she was suddenly grabbed and held completely still. She heard a woman's voice, "Quiet, don't move." and complied with the order. The three men stopped right next to them and Nadia watched them look directly at her, but moved on without her. That was the start of her friendship with Luxanna Luminere.

    The next person Nadia met was a young man by the name of Masamune Fujiwara. She was in the forest while Luxanna was off looking for a path to their next town and found three bear cubs. She named them Koda, Kida, and Teddy; Teddy was her favorite. They were playing when Mama Bear showed up and was about to hit her. Suddenly, Nadia was swooped up into the arms of some man and being taken away. Mama Bear was chasing them, growling angrily. Nadia thought that Mama Bear didn't like her being taken away. It was true. Mama Bear didn't want her taken away, but not because they were friends. "She's going to eat you!" the man said as he continued carrying her away. Off in the distance, Luxanna had seen this happen and was chasing Nadia and the man down. While they were running, Nadia looked to him, smiled, and spoke, "My names Nadia."

    "I'll tell you my name once we're out of this, kid!" He just continued running, not wanting to stop with a bear on his heels. They came to a dead end when they hit a cliff and stopped. Nadia jumped out of the man's arms and went to give Mama bear a hug, but he pulled her back, telling her it was dangerous. At this time, Luxanna popped out from the trees and blinded the bear with one of her spells. While the bear was blinded, Luxanna put one of her cloaks over them and told them to stay still. It took a few minutes, but the bear finally went away and they were safe. After that, a good fifteen minutes of arguing and convincing Luxanna that the man wasn't trying to kidnap her and the bear only wanted a hug went by. Luxanna gave in and introductions were made. From then on, the strangest, yet the closest, of friends continued on their way together and made a guild called the Noir.


    Racial Ability: Animal Communication

    Type: Water
    Description: Like every other water elf in existence, Nadia has the ability to manipulate water to her will. However, it is not the ability to do so that makes each elf special, but how they choose to do it. An elves technique and skill is what gives them the advantage. It's easy to say 'move the water', but if there is no specific intent behind it, there is no point in moving the water in the first place. When it comes to Nadia, she has chosen a path of speed and accuracy. She doesn't use large or overwhelming attacks. She chooses to use smaller and extremely accurate attacks that rarely miss. These attacks also have enough force behind them, because of their speed, that they act like modern weapons: bullets, rpg's, missiles. Nadia only uses water when she's seriously fighting. At every other time, she uses ice because it's "pretty".

    Water Pistol: As the title suggests, this is a bullet of water. With a fire rate similar to a normal pistol, only a single bullet shoots at per shot, but if Nadia chooses to 'pull the trigger' over and over again, more can and will come. She has a total of nine shots per 'clip'. The way this works, Nadia surrounds her hands with water. This water is then moved up towards the tip of her index finger and then shot off towards whatever she is pointing at. The 'bullet' of water shoots out from the tip of her finger at the same speed as the average pistol, allowing the force behind this water to be equal to that of an actual pistol and not just water.

    Water Assault: Everything about this attack is very similar to the previously named, except this has the traits of an assault rifle; an example of what is meant being an AK47, fully automatic. With this, she holds thirty shots and the water she surrounds her hands with moves up to the middle of her lower arm. This is also referring to Water Pistol; with both of these attacks, Nadia is able to duel wield. She has two arms, two guns. And, also referring to both, if Nadia needs to reload, she takes 1 second (if pistol) or 2 seconds (if assault) to reload each 'gun'.

    Water RPG: This is obviously not as powerful as an actual RPG; it doesn't have the burning explosion effect. Instead, it is used as more of a very strong push. Nadia surrounds her entire arm with water and aims a fist towards her target. When the water is shot off, it's shot all at once and at the same speed you would see an RPG actually flying. The effect is different because there is no metal, gun powder, or fire. Instead, the water will slam against the target at a high enough speed to (if a person) knock them back or (if an object) dent, move, or break it.

    Water Missile: This attack is actually quite large. Nadia surrounds both arms in water and them aims both arms towards a target. The water on both arms is shot off at such a high speed at it, that Nadia's body is unable to stand it's ground. Nadia must do something about the recoil for this attack, otherwise she can be sent flying for at least fifty feet, and that's if her body doesn't slam into something along the way. There have been times that Nadia has placed her back against a wall or tree to pull this off. She has also had someone hold her still to do it as well. The blast of this missile of water, on impact, spreads out and is super cooled at a high rate. In other words, anything caught within the blast radius will be covered in ice. The blast radius is fifty to seventy five feet.

    Living Water Turret: This ability is just fun. Firstly, take "Water Assault" and put it here. Now you've got the base of this ability. The fun part comes with the fact that Nadia can shoot up to three hundred bullets in one with this. The draw backs come with her not being able to move. To be able to concentrate enough to do this, Nadia has to give her self a sturdy base. In other words, she surrounds her feet and the ground around her with ice to keep herself still and not have the recoil forcing her to lose her balance and knock her on her ass. This forces her to be a stationary target, which can put her at a huge disadvantage. While she is in this though, she can continuously shoot at anything she points at until all three hundred (150 per arm) bullets are used up. Doing this also depletes her Anima at 2 times the rate if she used it normally.

    Ice Shield: This is a 10x10x10 solid ice wall that Nadia is able to create by rapidly bringing together the water in the air and reducing their temperature at the same time. The wall appears within .2 seconds and it's strong solid nature allows it to block extremely strong sudden attacks or medium to weak continuous attacks. To compare, a sudden attack would be her missile while her assault rifle would be considered a continuous.

    Ice Shield and Bullet Combo: After creating the ice shield, if the circumstances area right, Nadia will use the shield to also attack. By repeatedly 'poking' the shield on her side, a small barrage of bullets equal to the amount of 'pokes' she has done on her side fly forward. This is incredibly damaging for someone who had just attacked her at close range and she used this wall to block them. Being so close, she has the ability to tear them to shreds. If they are farther away, she can't use this combination because the bullets only go one way, so she can't see them to aim.

    Iced Arrows: This is what allows Nadia to use her bow. She creates two types of arrows. Normal arrows made completely of ice, or 'explosive' tip. The explosive tip have four strengths: weak, moderate, strong, and don't make Nadia angry. These explosive tip arrows freeze the surrounding areas of the target at the point of impact. Weak arrows merely freeze within an inch or two, usually only effective on fire elves because of their weakness to water/ice based attacks. Moderate arrows can freeze an entire limb or up to three feet from impact. Strong arrows have the ability to freeze an entire human body or up to teen feet from impact.

    "Don't make Nadia angry" arrows are ones that she actually takes 3-5 seconds to concentrate and charge up. The only time she has used this was when a dragon was attacking a group of kids about six months ago. There was no way for her to defeat it, but at it charged up it's breath attack, she shot her arrow and froze it's entire body, including a large area behind it. This arrow completely engulfs it's target in ice, but once it's done that, it intentionally spreads up to fifty feet around it to make sure that the ice can't be broken out of. After that, for every passing minute, the ice slowly freezes the inside of the body that was hit. A human will be completely frozen within an hour of being struck. It really is a horrible way to die, but like any arrow it is able to be dodged, and Nadia can remove the ice if she wished as well. Because this is Nadia's ice, and no one else's, her Anima is meshed within it, so no other person out there can take this ice off. And this is only done to this arrow because it's the only arrow she has specifically altered to do such a thing.


    Equipment: She has a custom bow; please look at her third picture. That is it.

    • Minor Skills:
    • Stealthy: Nadia, having traveled a lot, is a hunter and can make herself unseen while she's wandering the forests. She almost moves with the forest and knows how to use the trees, bushes, and shadows to her advantage, which is actually one hell of an accomplishment considering she's as white as snow.
    • Swift: Nadia is naturally fast, but she's also got a grace and fluidity about her movements. She can do something very quietly and her body is extremely flexible, so she can maneuver very well.
    • Archery: Master. That's really all one can say. She's mastered it.
    • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Novice. She knows a few of the basics, but the lack of strength within her body doesn't allow her to do basics. She merely uses this to allow herself to dodge until she can get away. She fights better at longer ranges, so being close isn't good for her.

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    Nadia Cyanea [APPROVED, 1-1] Empty Re: Nadia Cyanea [APPROVED, 1-1]

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    Agility: 6 + 25 = 31
    Durability: 2 + 5 = 7
    Endurance: 4 + 5 = 9
    Speed: 6 + 15 = 21
    Strength: 4 + 10 = 14

    Energy Control: 4 + 30 = 34

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    Application Checklist

    • Name [×]
    • Appropriate Age [×]
    • Gender [×]
    • Appearance Present [×]
    • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [×]
    • Appearance is Not Claimed [×]
    • 15 sentences for personality [×]
    • History is 10 sentences [×]
    • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [×]
    • Powers are described reasonably enough [×]
    • Application is not in First Person [×]

    Comments/Notes: She's so fucking stupid. But she makes up for it by being so fucking cute.
    Tier: 1-1
    Level/Points: Adept (90)

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