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    Special Playable Character Template


    Name: Valeria "Eira" von Zarkonheinz
    Gender: Female
    Age: 28
    Race: Human, Normal
    Location: Zakat (town of Manalt)
    Occupation: Doctor, specializing in home treatment

    Eira is the younger twin (by about a minute) of Tsubine von Zarkonheinz. She is a tough girl. Well, young woman. She is more tied down by Zakatian traditions than her sister, and so she has a distaste for Arcanists. That is besides her mother and, to a lesser extent, her twin sister. Lyra, her mother, was also an Arcanist, but she has a slow-acting form of CAE. Truth be told, Eira dislikes not Arcanists, but Arcana itself. It drove her twin sister away and has crippled her mother. She wishes it never existed, actually. Eira loves her sister, and doesn't let anyone rag on her. Even though Eira and Tsubine don't see one another anymore, they still are close.

    Eira is a good person though. She is sweet once you get to know her, but she does have a harsh exterior. She's a doctor that specializes in home healthcare, and she is the primary caretaker for her ailing mother. She does house calls to other people in Manalt when she can. She'll scold her mother for trying to be too active with her health, scold Mister Gorbachev for trying to paint his wall with his bad back, and other things of that nature. She's a doctor that believes the best preventative care is common sense.


    Appearance: Eira stands at 5'4, and weighs 140 lbs. She has a bust size of 34B, and Tsubine picks on her for her smaller bust.
    Eira von Zarkonheinz Eira

    Abilities and Skills

    Magic Type: N/A
    Magic Description: N/A
    Equipment: Standard doctoring tools. She also carries around a switchblade for self-defense.
    Doctor: Eira is a decently good doctor, specializing in home healthcare.
    Cook: Eira is a decent cook, although her twin is much better. Eira prefers to go with nutrition over flavor, unfortunately.

    History and Permissions

    Character Background: Eira was born Valeria von Zarkonheinz. She is the younger twin (by only a minute, which her twin holds above her in pride) of Vivianna von Zarkonheinz—who is most commonly referred to as Tsubine. Because Tsubine had a problem pronouncing her name (she'd pronounce it like it was spelled "Valeira"), the nickname of "Eira" stuck and she uses it constantly nowadays. She was not like her sister, and did not have her mother's trait of being an Arcanist. Despite this, Eira and Tsubine were thick as thieves growing up. She and Tsubine were practically inseparable.

    Despite Tsubine being much taller than she was, Eira was always protecting her sister like a knight would protect her lord. She was always there for Tsubine, and was one of the two people that knew that she was going to Rydian. She disagreed with the choice, but told her sister that she'd keep it a secret. Eira told her sister the day before she left that she "hoped she found a great woman." Eira knew much about her sister, and one of the things she knew from a young age was that her sister was not into men.

    Tsubine said she was going to Rydian to find a cure for her mother, and so Eira decided to do what she could too. Eira went to the Universitas Oculatus in Hedoria, and she studied medicine there. She was able to learn about new medical technologies, but overall, she was just as unsuccessful as her sister. When Tsubine returned to Manalt, Eira was glad to see her sister. But their reunion was short-lived as Tsubine quickly left after a falling out with her father. Eira promised to take care of their mother while she was gone, but that she'd always love Tsubine. Eira's distaste for Arcana grew from that day, as her mother's health deteriorated slowly over the years, and she really did miss her sister...

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