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    Thaddeus D. Waylon [Approved, 1-3] Empty Thaddeus D. Waylon [Approved, 1-3]

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    Human Template

    Basic Information

    Name: Thaddeus D Waylon
    Nicknames: Drake [Sounds so much cooler than Thaddeus!]
    Appearance Age: 25
    True Age: 30
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'3"
    Weight: 195

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    Thaddeus D. Waylon [Approved, 1-3] 2_zpsr8tnuwgm
    Thaddeus D. Waylon [Approved, 1-3] 3_zps6pn4ndmg

    Character Information


    Drake. He'll tell you his name is Drake. It sounds so much cooler than Thaddues, though some people do tend to disagree with him. He doesn't like sounding like he's some rich guy from the upper classes. Drake is an awesome name because it fricking means dragon! How many names just mean dragon!? Okay, like seriously. Call him Drake or he'll punch in the face with the fist attached to the dragon tattoo. Watch this: Drake, Thaddeus, Drake, Thaddeus, Drake, Thaddeus... See, Drake's cooler.

    Now, Drake isn't a bad guy, but he's technically not a good guy either. He's the type to step in the middle of a crime and "save the day", but then disappear. He feels he can do a better job than a lot of the authorities because they are just so damn stupid some times. Of course, he doesn't always do this. He does have respect for certain authorities. Most of these authorities come from the legal guilds that are made up of civilians who just want to help. People from the ADL or the AA, he doesn't trust.

    Drake's an intelligent man with a fun-loving personality. He likes to have a few drinks, hang with good people, and make friends. He's a bit of a joker as well. He tries his best to make people laugh, especially the ladies. He loves seeing a smile on a woman's face and hates seeing their tears. The one way to get this man to melt in your hands is by being a crying woman. He just can't stand it! He doesn't know why it messes with his head so much, but it does. Just... Just please don't cry anymore!

    Even with the fun attitude he often keeps, Drake is a tough guy. There are things he takes quite seriously in this world and one of them is training. While he's in the middle of training and honing his skills, he prefers not to be disturbed. Unless sparring, he trains alone, usually in the woods somewhere off the main path. This is where he's most comfortable. He's always loved being outdoors, which is why he doesn't have his own home. He keeps to nature and has learned to survive out there on his own.

    Drake has a thing for blue eyes. Like almost every man out there, he enjoys the nice figure, good skin, and the large breasts, but there is something about big bright blue eyes that keeps him looking just a bit longer than other colors do. He's not a womanizer, but he has no problem flirting a bit if it's just between him and a woman he finds interesting. A woman who is not interesting, i.e. the predictable ones..., he ignores or politely asks them to back off. He is out to find that one woman for himself.

    Drake is also a man with a strong sense of honor and duty. He knows when he needs to interfere in something and when things need to be left alone. He knows when to put down his sword and when to pick it up. He isn't the type to fight a losing battle if things could be avoided, or even one he knows he'd win easily. What's the point if something isn't a challenge or you don't have a good reason to be fighting? Everything important has a meaning, and meaningless events are a waste of his time.

    Character Background: Drake was born as Thaddeus Drake Waylon. He never liked his first name, so he asked his parents if he could be called by his middle name, Drake. They agreed, though his Father was a little sad since Thaddeus was Drake's grandfather. Drake started off his life in Brauk, but he didn't really like it. The terrain was rough and dangerous. There was very little of what he would consider "beauty", but his family was ready to move by the time he was twelve. They moved up into Zakat, settling in a small village south of the Fell Jungle. It was a nice place, but there wasn't much excitement. Drake was expected to farm with his Father, but took more to the hunt. He often snuck out of the village to spend time in the jungle. There, he learned things through just observing.

    One day, on his adventures in the Fell, he came across something amazing. It was an injured dragon. The beast was massive. He thought it a Legendary at that time because he was young, but realizes now it was a Great. He brought the dragon food and medicine for the large gash it received along it's right back leg. At first, the dragon was wary and Drake thought he was going to be eaten, but luck was on his side. The dragon was healed and was getting ready to fly off when it looked down to the young Drake and roared so loudly at him that Drake blacked out. He woke up later with his mother over his bed and the biggest headache he had ever experienced. He was bedridden for a week, but once he was better, the urge to be outside of the village just got stronger and stronger for him.

    As he matured, Drake decided it was time to make his own path and became a well-trained hunter. His time in the forest and learning how to find things on his own actually helped the people of his village learn a thing or two. He didn't want to stay there, so he spoke to his parents about leaving. They were saddened, but knew their son always had an adventurous spirit. He began traveling and the first place he went was Cieria, where he thought he would see more dragons. He did see some smaller ones, made friends with a few, and trained along side them as well. He met a man who called himself the "Dragon Sage" and was trained to use the katana for eleven years under him. With impressive strength and skill, Drake finally mastered his craft and began making his way north to finally see Arcadia.


    Type: Sorcerer

    Chains Of Light: This isn't a power he likes using and only does when there is no choice in the matter. Drake is able to send out bright chains of yellow light made from his Aracna. These chains are meant to restrain their target in some way, though can also be used to crush, penetrate, or squeeze to death as well. They move through the air and can be seen, or move through the ground. They either shoot out from up to 10 magic circles that appear in front of Drake's hand when he casts the spell or two appear beneath his feet to move through the ground when he needs to be a bit more stealthy. When he's using the stealthy way, he can't move from that spot, or he loses control of them and they vanish.

    The chains stats are equal to his +30. So if he has a 20 in speed, they have a 50. This only doesn't count for agility since they move with the same agility as normal chains do: they bend at each link. Each chain is is also 30 feet long and can be controlled up to 150 feet from his location. This excludes hidden chains (underground ones) because they must stay attached to his feet, so hidden ones can only reach up to 30 feet, so they're used for close range.

    Dragon's Eye: Drake's eyes are a strange yellow color for a reason. He doesn't know what animal it actually takes after, but he calls it a dragons eye because he fucking loves dragons. He's able to see at night and double the distance of normal humans. This is what makes him a damn good scout.

    Ranger's Charge: This ability is used for an escape, surprise attack, or a finisher once someone has been wrapped in the Chains. He is able to dash at a speed twice his own and make a single strike in this time, if he chooses to do so. He can only do this twice per thread on a 3 post cooldown.

    Quarry: A quarry is an arcane mark he places on someone by looking at them. They do not know it's there unless they see it and cannot feel it placed. It's always placed on the back of their left shoulder. He can only have this on one person at a time and it stays this way until they're dead or he removes it by actually touching them. Anyone he has put this on is not currently living. Being his Quarry causes his Chains to automatically attack you as well. Their directions can be changed, but upon their spawn, his quarry is their target. If not removed, the quarry lasts for 72 hours.


    Equipment: A Katana. The katana is quite beautiful and elegantly crafted. It has sakura flower patters engraved along the blade. This katana is special to him as it belonged to his Mother.

    Hunter: He's a skilled hunter. Often uses a bow and arrow for this over his sword.
    Tracker: He doesn't just track to hunt, but often tracks people as well. He's very good at this and knows how not to leave a trail when needed and is naturally very stealthy.
    Favored Terrain: Forest. Almost like a supernatural ability, while in the forest, it is ten times harder to see Drake than other people. It happens naturally, though he did train for the effect.

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    Skill And Racial NumberSkill ModifiersArcana ModifiersTotal
    Agility: 3508
    Durability: 330033
    Endurance: 317020
    Speed: 322025
    Strength: 359062
    Energy Control: 317020

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    Tier: 1-3
    Skill Rank: Advanced: 150

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