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    Human Template

    Basic Information

    Name: Victoria Bellante
    Nicknames: Ori (only those very close to her can call her this without getting flogged)
    Appearance Age: Mid-20s
    True Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'5
    Weight: 160 lbs
    Appearance: Victoria Bellante [Approved; 0-3] Appearance

    Character Information

    Personality: Victoria Bellante is a cruel, cruel woman. After years of being on the bottom rung of society, she's in the upper echelons now. And she does whatever it takes to remain there. Victoria is the current head of the Bellante Transportation Company, which specializes in covert, secure deliveries. To the general public and the Arcadian government, this mainly refers to private documents, large sums of money, and other delicate matters that require discretion and security. To criminals, this means that the BTC is perfect for smuggling and getaways. The BTC's biggest unofficial contractor is the Black Brotherhood. They use the BTC for slave transportation. The BTC's biggest official contractor? The Arcadian Defense Legion. Victoria makes sure that the BTC remains in good looks to the AA and the ADL, and with a few key bribes, she rarely gets audited. The BTC uses many resources to get relief to disaster-hit regions of Arcadia, and Victoria herself has been seen visiting people as they recover.

    To those that know Victoria, they know that it is just publicity. Victoria could not give two shits about who lives and dies in the sticks of Arcadia, so long as she doesn't know them. There are very few people she'd 'go nuts' searching for if disaster hit where they are. One of them is the leader of the Black Brotherhood, as she has a good working relationship with him. Her sister Vivianna is the other. Out of everyone in the world, Victoria cares about her sister the most. You don't fuck with Vivianna, as Victoria is hyper-protective at times. Of course, Victoria won't shelter Vivianna. She just makes sure that whoever does hurt her little sister gets their just desserts and then a good flogging.

    Victoria is dominant in bed and in relationships. It will take a hell of a force of will to get her to be submissive, and even then some hypnotism would probably be needed. If she came to love someone, she might be a bit more willing to let them be on top, but so far that hasn't happened. Victoria, when not in the arms of someone she loves, can be described best as a 'dominatrix.' She truly enjoys the riding crop and seeing her slaves writhe in pain. Victoria does somewhat get off on other people's pain. But that's because the first time she remembers having 'fun' was killing her former master.

    Victoria is not against slavery. You might think that being a former slave herself would turn her away from it, but you'd be wrong. In fact, it did the opposite. Victoria is only for slavery because of what it did to her. She no longer has whipping scars, but she instead has a determination to be on top and remain on top. Her time in slavery broke her, but she came back stronger and more determined to be in control. So she uses slaves to assert her control and prove that she is no longer one of them. It is a fucked up thing, but Victoria is fucked up.

    Character Background: Victoria Bellante was not born of the Bellante. She and her younger sister were taken by slavers at a young age. Victoria kept hold of Vivianna, making sure that her little sister would not undergo the worst of it. For most of her life in the cages, Victoria gave Vivianna part of her food. Victoria was known as a very spirited slave. She tried to escape many different times, but never could because of Vivianna. Her little sister would slow her down, so she couldn't leave. When Victoria was 14, she was bought by Lorenzo Bellante, the head of the Bellante Transportation Company. Even back then, the BTC was corrupt. It was not in league with the Black Brotherhood, however.

    Victoria and Vivianna both were bought by this man. His wife had left him and he had no child of his own. So he desired a mating partner. But he was not a handsome man in the slightest, and his coarse attitude drove away any potential maiden. So he bought two young slave girls (at a discount) to concieve a child for him. Victoria, as the older sister, was given fertility drugs to try to get her pregnant. As she was already going through puberty, it forced her body to develop rapidly. Her breasts grew quite large, and her clitoris became far more sensitive. Victoria was told that she had until Vivianna reached 14 to have a child or else Vivianna would also be involved. Being the protective older sister, she gave in.

    It seemed like she had sex daily, and Victoria grew tired of it after a while. It didn't help that Lorenzo had a small penis, so he wasn't even making her cum usually. It was, quite frankly, pathetic. Victoria was never impregnated somehow, and it terrified her. The day before Vivianna turned 14, Victoria tried to kill Lorenzo. She failed, and was beaten severely. She was told she had her chance at saving her sister, but failed. Victoria prayed that night. She prayed to every deity possible. She wanted to protect Vivianna. Something answered. It wasn't a god she prayed to, but one that heard the prayers nonetheless. The deity said 'I will give you the power to protect, but I have a request of you in return. I want you to kill Lorenzo Bellante and take over his business for him. Say you were an adopted daughter or something. The maids and guards won't say anything because they'd be implicating themselves in a slave ring. But do that, take over his company, and then... become strong. Become a powerful member of society. I will call upon you for a favor on your 25th birthday. Will you accept, dear child?" And without hesitation, Victoria agreed. She made a 'contract' with Odia, the Goddess of the Nether.

    Before Vivianna was taken away, Victoria asked to speak to Lorenzo. He was feeling 'generous,' and said he would only after she fellated him. After doing so, Victoria apologized for trying to kill Lorenzo. She then begged for him to take her one last time, as she would probably be unused for some time. And so, he did. And as he was reaching his climax, Victoria ripped out Lorenzo's throat with her teeth. She used magic to skewer him multiple times, laughing during every minute. She had saved Vivianna's life. The guards tried to kill her, but they were killed instead. One survived, and Victoria said "Bring me the whole staff. I am now the head of this family, and the one holding your balls to the fire. I can make them boil and bubble, or I can release them and let you live so long as you serve me. What will it be, guard?"

    The next day, Victoria finished the 'proper' paperwork showing that she was indeed Lorenzo's adopted daughter and the heir to his name. Vivianna was also named as Victoria's heir, and the two set off into a world of dark things. Victoria caught wind of the Black Brotherhood from a driver making regular deliveries. Victoria met with the leader of the Black Brotherhood, and was about to be made into a slave herself when she said she was there to talk business. It took a flashy show of her 'dark' magic to get them to back off and take her seriously. They made a nice 'under-the-table' deal, and Victoria is now a member of the Black Brotherhood, and gets a decent discount on slaves, as she pays for their transportation to the compound usually.

    Victoria serves as the Black Brotherhood's teacher for sexual slaves, but only on how to please a woman. It was one of the stipulations of her job. She also helps with the secretarial training as well, but it is not her 'main focus,' so to speak. Victoria has bought quite a few slaves from her 'brothers,' and has helped them improve the conditioning of new arrivals. At a gala of high society, Victoria met her 'strongest ally.' Kyra Kobayashi is a member of the Arcadian Administration, the actual government of the Kingdom of Arcadia. Victoria and Kyra were initially not friendly to one another, but once things turned away from personal matters, they seemed to reach some sort of 'understanding.' They met in private over time, and the two struck a deal. Victoria would help transport materials and workers to some sort of project Kyra was working on and provide favors whenever Kyra asked, while Kyra would keep the government off of the BTC's trail. There would be no major investigation or audit of the BTC or the Bellante family. Kyra also has a standing offer of 'one night of adult pleasure that I'm sure we'd both never forget.'


    Type: Sorcerer
    Description: Victoria's magic is divided into two parts. There is her innate magic, which is what she was born with and what she could use during her time as a slave. Then there is her 'Profane' magic, which was given to her by Odia. It is her own Arcana, but twisted and warped with the negative energies of the Nether. Victoria's Blessing has only a few tenets, but she has to comply with Odia's request on her 25th birthday. The three tenets of Odia's Blessing are:

    • I shall not heal the weak with this power.
    • I shall not attempt to kill myself with this power.
    • I shall not attempt to kill Odia or Shax with this power.

    Basics: Victoria had the potential to be a very powerful storm mage from the beginning. Being a slave kept her from reaching such a potential until she recieved Odia's blessing—it gave her the 'knowledge' on how to use her powers. Even if she loses Odia's blessing, the knowledge will remain. Victoria's magic is based around weather and other natural phenomenon that usually cause disaster and panic.
    Blizzard: Victoria creates a swirling sphere of snow 20ft in diameter up to 150 yards away. Inside of the sphere, it is nearly impossible to see in. The temperature within the sphere is 14 degrees Fahrenheit. When she releases the sphere from her control, the snow falls to the ground and remains there as if it had naturally fallen. She can maintain the sphere for ten minutes.
    Cyclone: Victoria reverses the flow of wind in a 200-yard radius of her location. This causes high friction at the edges of the radius. The wind will cause an updraft, which will then form a downdraft. This pushes high winds in every direction, potentially causing strong damage. The strongest part of the ability, however, is the 25% stacking chance per 5 minutes that the updraft will cause a tornado of EF-3 scaling. This is not under Victoria's control. She can keep the radius up for 15 minutes, and can do this once per 30 minutes.
    Earthquake: Victoria places her hand on a structure and sends intense tremors throughout it. She can not control where it goes, but she can control how strong they are. She make it strong enough to bring down a building within a minute, but that takes a decent bit out of her. She can do this once per 5 minutes on a medium scaling.
    Hurricane: Victoria creates a large storm (approx. 2 miles wide) that has high winds. It is not meant to be use offensively, but to be used to push sailing ships away from her island. She can keep this up for two hours if she has time to concentrate, thirty minutes if not. She can do this twice per day.
    Maelstrom: Victoria causes a section of either ground or water around her to begin to twist into a whirlpool. She can control an area of 40 feet in diameter up to 75 yards away. Within ten seconds, it begins to whirl like a whirlpool at its fullest. The currents go up to 30 miles per hour, which make them incredibly strong. It's possible to get out of the whirlpool or dodge it before it begins to spin. Afterwards, it is incredibly difficult. Victoria can use this once per ten minutes and can keep a single maelstrol up for 3 minutes.
    Wildfire: Victoria sends out a wave of fire 20 yards wide from her hands. This fire travels quickly for 500 yards before disappearing. She can do this once per minute.

    Basics: Odia's Blessing is, for all but one spell, purely enhancements to Victoria. These will all go away if she loses Odia's blessing.
    Skill Increases: Victoria has a natural increase to her skills so long as she has Odia's blessing: +10 to Endurance, Durability, Agility, Strength, Speed. +20 to Energy Control
    Memory Enhancement: Victoria has heightened recognition and retention abilities. She does not have an eidetic memory.
    Sexual Enhancement: Victoria's sexual organs have heightened stimulation, allowing her to feel pleasure much more 'purely' than other women.
    Focus Enhancement: Victoria's focus is enhanced. She can read while being driven in a carriage and not be nauseated, for example.
    Survivability Enhancement: Victoria can survive twice as long without food, water, sleep, or air than a normal human.
    Tooth and Nail Enhancement: Victoria's teeth and fingernails are as tough as iron, and they will not crack or chip easily.
    Black Flames: Victoria creates black fire from her hand. She can shoot it as a fireball, or just grab someone and melt their face with it. It does not harm Demons, nor does it harm other people with a Nether-based blessing. It also does not harm someone who has a contract with a demon. It does double damage to Angels, people with a Aether-based blessing, and someone who has a contract with an Angel. The fire does not cast light, but rather nullifies it. Whereas a normal fire's radiance is light, this fire's radiance is shadow.


    Equipment: Victoria is a rich-ass bitch. She can buy just about anything. But her personal equipment includes a sword of black metal. It is cold to the touch, and no metalurgist can identify the metal. It is resistant to both Aether and Nether, but not Arcana. Victoria found this with Lorenzo's belongings.
    Skills: Victoria is a very skilled businesswoman. She is running the number one transportation company. She has negotiation skills, and she is well-versed in Arcadian law. For combat purposes, Victoria is damn good with a sword, specifically longswords. She is also good with lances, and she'll easily skewer someone with one. Her main skill with combat is her tactical assessment of a situation. She can easily determine when and where to march to and to retreat from.

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    Skill And Racial NumberSkill ModifiersArcana ModifiersTotal
    Agility: 3301043
    Durability: 3201033
    Endurance: 3351048
    Speed: 3201033
    Strength: 3151028
    Energy Control: 3302053

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    • 15 sentences for personality [-]
    • History is 10 sentences [-]
    • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [-]
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    • Application is not in First Person [-]

    Tier: 0-3
    Skill Rank: Advanced: 150

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