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    Adam Steele [APPROVED, 0-3] Empty Adam Steele [APPROVED, 0-3]

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    Human Template

    Basic Information

    Name: Adam Steele
    Appearance Age: Late 20s
    True Age: 29
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'4"
    Weight: 195

    Adam Steele [APPROVED, 0-3] AP1_zps4izxiohd

    Adam Steele [APPROVED, 0-3] AP2_zpssr9wh4o7
    Adam Steele [APPROVED, 0-3] AP3_zps9si1apwq

    Character Information

    Personality: Quiet, sneaky, and extremely insecure. Adam hasn't ever been a social type of guy. He doesn't open his mouth very often and prefers to show himself through the actions he takes. Adam is a man who has no problem showing his strength and proving his point. He'll let people know exactly what he's capable of if they dare challenge him. Adam wouldn't really be considered a good or bad man. He's out for himself, not other people. If he's helping someone, it's because it helps him at the same time. He isn't someone who normally acts on selfless or even selfish instinct. Adam has placed himself in this perfect grey area between good and bad. It's hard to tell which he is.

    Being an Arcadian stuck in the southern areas of rural Zakat was never a good thing for Adam. Sometimes it was worse for him than anyone else. Not only is he Arcadian, but he looks very different than most people. He always keeps his eye shut, for a few reasons, and his face is like a mixture of a snake and fox; this is what people have told him at least. Adam keeps his eyes shut for two reasons. The irst is that one of his abilities comes from his eyes being shut and the second is because it causes some people to be interested in them. It keeps him a mystery. This is one of the few ways Adam has gotten attention from people, especially women, and he likes it. It's one thing interesting about him.

    Adam is used to being insulted because of his face, so he's hardened himself as much as he can to it. Sometimes, it can still get to him, but he doesn't show it. There aren't really any people that know what exactly can cause him to be hurt by something done or said, but the one that can knows when it happens. The first way to hurt him is by calling him something along the lines of hideous or a freak, not just ugly. The second is comparing him to other men in anyway, but especially on how attractive they are. The final way is by bringing his love life into ridicule. An example of this is by saying something similar to "No one will ever love you" or "Have you ever even been with a girl?"

    Character Background: Adam was born with no name, but given one by the people who bought him as a child. He was six when he was first forced to work. It wasn't until he was nine that the farm he was working on was raided by Zakatian authorities. He used this time to escape, but was recaptured a day later. Since he was a child, he was tossed into an orphanage with about thirty other kids. There he was the scrawny freak from Arcadia.  He kept to himself and hid from the other kids for a long time, but when the woman who ran the place tried pushing him to play with the other kids, things went wrong. They didn't go wrong for him, but instead for the kids who attempted to pick on him.

    Adam was no push over. He just preferred not to be in violent situations. When the other kids tried messing with him, he had no problem grabbing the nearest rock or toy and beating the kids into submission. He made sure to win the war then and there, threatening the kids who saw that if they tried anything like that, he'd do the same to them.  Instead of trying to beat him  up, they avoided and feared him now. For Adam, this was preferable. He stayed to himself until the age of fourteen. His Arcadian origins prevented anyone from adopting him and his freakish appearance pushed away anyone that might have looked over his heritage. Adam was released from the orphanage at sixteen.

    Adam's late teenage years were complete hell. He had to learn about the world all on his own. Getting a job in Zakat was hell. Getting people not to shun him was impossible. Trying to find a place to live never happened. It took him until he was eighteen to give up and begin traveling north. He was forced to steel just to eat, but never stole any money. Instead, he lifted food, clothes, and a dagger to get him where he needed to go. His first year of travel north was one of the worst times of his life. He learned to survive on his own, but did have an upper hand thanks to his abilities. Out in the wild, they only got stronger. His isolation allowed him to hone and master them until he reached Ezon.

    Adam reached Ezon by boat and docked with a ship secretly. He snuck off, having became very good at stealth and began wandering around Ezon. Unsure whether this place was just like Zakat, he kept to his sneaky actions and stole enough food to survive on until he was caught by a man two years his senior: Osamu Kitoaji. Osamu beat him into the ground, showing him a new style of fighting. When Adam woke up, he was bandaged and laying in a bed for the first time in a year. Osamu was next to him and immediately began lecturing him in a language he did not understand. When Osamu realized Adam didn't understand him, the two began communicating in a way that became their own.

    Adam stayed with Osamu for two more years, until he was twenty-one, and studied using Ezonian weaponry throughout that time. One day, Osamu's entire family were accused of treason against Ezon. Later, it was found to be true that Osamu's Father, Kenji Kitoaji, had been smuggling out Ezonian women to slavers and selling Ezonian secrets. When this was revealed, the family was banished from Ezon and their name would have been dishonored, but Adam watched Osamu do something shocking. Osamu offered the Emperor something that turned the heads of his family. The Emperor accepted and Osamu decapitated his Father. He did this so his Mother and sisters could stay in Ezon, but he left.

    Adam admired Osamu for his actions and ended up following him into Arcadia. It took a month before Osamu finally called him out and accused him of stalking. Adam didn't care. He kept following until finally Osamu allowed him to travel along side of him, instead of one hundred yards behind. The first thing the two came across together was a tiny village of about twenty people being attacked by bandits. They just looked to each other and then raided the bandits like it was nothing. The town paid them in food and a small amount of coin, but they left the coin behind for those who lost their homes. Since then, they've traveled throughout most of Arcadia just trying to be decent people.


    Type: Arcanist
    Description: Each of these comes from an immense amount of Arcana that Adam has. Adam has two specific powers and one sub-power to compliment them. The first of his abilities is called Definite Detection. The second is called Endless Expansion and comes with the sub-power called Embed.

    Definite Detection: When his eyes are closed, Adam has a complete and clear view of his surroundings (500ft). As if his Arcana was forcing him to keep his mind open to a world he did not want to see, Adam's ability makes him alert and aware of his surroundings. Invisibility, cloaking, and all other forms of hiding ones presence does not work. He can see the entire layout of a house as if he's looking through a 3D model with no walls. There is no hiding from him as long as his eyes are closed. If he opens his eyes, he's no different than anyone else. However, this doesn't happen often. His vision with this is black and white. Adam can choose to look under clothes with this, but isn't that interested.

    Endless Expansion: This ability allows Adam to expand anything that can be seen or touched. This includes living creatures, though only with the permission of the owner will it be used on a PC; NPCs are fair game. To clarify further, Adam can make a tree larger or smaller. He can double the amount of water in a canteen. He can also increase the size of his own dick. However, Adam isn't completely aware of this because he only uses this on one thing: his sword. Adam first discovered his power when using a blade to hunt. He wished he had a bow instead of a dagger and quickly learned that they are pretty much the same for him. Adam has turned an adult bear into a mini-pet for a young girl before.

    Note: Adam does not have the ability bend an item or person, or manipulate it's direction. He cannot control it like that. He makes it bigger or smaller only. He can choose which side of the item changes in size and can manipulate that to his advantage, but has no more control than that.

    >> Embed: This is a specialized ability that Adam concentrated on creating himself for sword. It sort of breaks the theme of his "expansion" arcana because of it. When he stabs someone or something with a blade, he can mentally break off a piece of that blade and plant it into the person or item stabbed. He can always sense that item in them and can choose to expand it. The piece is usually as small as a popcorn kernel. When a piece like that is expanded, it pretty much explodes within them. This is another ability that can only be used on NPCs or with the permission of the PCs owner.


    Equipment: Adam now carries the beautiful and famous Ezonian Katana known as "Saishū-tekina Dageki." The blade was said to carry one of the Great Daimyo of Ezon through an entire war with Nethoral and Osamu trusted Adam with it. He also said the blade would serve him well.

    A picture of the blade is shown below:
    Adam Steele [APPROVED, 0-3] Saish-tekina%20Dageki_zpsps1s4eud

    Skills: Trained by Osamu and his family in Ezon, Adam has become quite the skilled swordsman. He is not equal to Osamu in straight skill, but seems to have a more open mind about how to use a blade. Adam would be considered around a specialist while Osamu has mastered the craft.
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    Skill And Racial NumberSkill ModifiersArcana ModifiersTotal
    Agility: 32124
    Durability: 33033
    Endurance: 32023
    Speed: 33134
    Strength: 32124
    Energy Control: 32730

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    Application Checklist

    • Name [×]
    • Appropriate Age [×]
    • Gender [×]
    • Appearance Present [×]
    • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [×]
    • Appearance is Not Claimed [×]
    • 15 sentences for personality [×]
    • History is 10 sentences [×]
    • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [×]
    • Powers are described reasonably enough [×]
    • Application is not in First Person [×]

    Comments/Notes: Based on what you've said about him, he's supposed to be weaker skill-wise, so I'm giving him Advanced. In the app, you say specialist, but I don't see enough for him to be at rank 8 out of 10. Plus, that seems to only refer to his skill with a sword. This also gives Osamu the capability to be significantly more skillful.
    Tier: 0-3
    Skill Rank: Advanced (150)

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