Osamu Kitoaji [APPROVED, 2-3]

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    Osamu Kitoaji [APPROVED, 2-3] Empty Osamu Kitoaji [APPROVED, 2-3]

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    Human Template

    Basic Information

    Name: Osamu Kitoaji
    Appearance Age: Early 30s
    True Age: 31
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'4"
    Weight: 195

    Osamu Kitoaji [APPROVED, 2-3] AP3_zpsikeobrz1

    Osamu Kitoaji [APPROVED, 2-3] AP1_zpsm9rskcxr
    Osamu Kitoaji [APPROVED, 2-3] AP2_zpsadetuqib

    Character Information

    Personality: The term "lighten up" is popular when referring to Osamu. His best friend, Adam, actually has to say it a lot. Osamu isn't one to relax and have fun at every stopping point. He'll make time for it after deciding on a strict schedule. Osamu doesn't know it, but he is a great man; not good, great. He lives his life in a way that makes sure of it. After his father betrayed him, his family, and his country in such a horrid manner, Osamu feels the need to regain the honor and prove himself worthy of being called a good man. To do this, he helps as many people as he can and asks for little to nothing in return. The most he asks for are things that will allow him to survive: food, water, and shelter.

    Being a man raised noble in Ezon, Osamu holds the normal values of an Ezonian man, but has opened up his mind very slightly to the outside traditions of Arcadia. He believes that a women should choose him, not the other way around. He is protective over women and finds them quite beautiful and more valuable than any man. The common Ezonian saying of "There is no man without women" is something he says often, though he sometimes modifies is to compliment a woman he's speaking to. Luckily, Osamu is an honest man who does not lie or speak to only flatter. If he doesn't have something nice to say, he keeps his mouth shut out of respect for the other person. He doesn't like to offend.

    Osamu is a polite person. He has good manners and is seen as the perfect gentleman. This also comes out with the clothes he wears. Osamu is most often wearing suits. He finds them more comfortable than any other clothing he might wear, except for the traditional Ezonian outfits. He tries to get Adam to wear them more often, but that's a battle in it's own since Adam prefers the clothes he got from Ezon. Osamu does miss Ezon, but there is a freedom in Arcadia that he has gotten used to. His time in Arcadia has allowed him to accept lesbians and bisexuals, understand why women speak more (though it does bother him), and has kind of expanded what he's attracted to. He likes colored hair.

    Osamu is a genius with a sword, a great leader, good friend, a cool big brother, a wonderful son, and the worst type of person to try to get to know. Expression is not an art that he has mastered. He's honest, observant, and a good learner, but he is not very good with normal social skills. It's sad because he is the diplomat when it comes to him and Adam. Osamu is very direct. He doesn't understand female advances. If you're trying to flirt with him, it's going to go over his head and Adam is going to sit in the background trying not to die of laughter as you fail to get your point across. He's not a good conversationalist and can be indecisive. Trying to get him to make a decision is quite painful. Of course, this only has to do with normal stuff. He can lead an army to war if needed.

    Surprisingly enough, Osamu is a lot kinder than you'd think. He has a hard time expressing himself through words or even the look on his face, but his actions speak louder than anything else. He doesn't go out and buy clothes for someone he doesn't care about. He doesn't offer to train someone to fight if he doesn't care about you. Sure, he rescues the innocent and makes sure the weak don't get hurt, but this is more of his obligation and a responsibility than anything else. Making sure someone is happy? Wanting to see someone smile? Wanting to see someone succeed? These are all things that Osamu only does or feels when he cares about someone. Funnily enough, Osamu would like to settle down one day with a beautiful woman and have a couple of kids in his own home. If he's lucky, it'll happen for him.

    Character Background: Osamu comes from a along line of Daimyo in Ezon. His family was always respected and looked up to by the people of Ezon. They acted as warriors, diplomats, generals, and guides to the rest of the country. They are among the most well-known and honored families of Ezon. Osamu was no different. From his young days as a small child and into his adult years he was looked up to and expected to become something great. He was to fulfill a wonderful destiny and thought of to be a hero before he did anything. This was a lot of pressure, but Osamu was always strong willed, rational, and didn't seem to stress easily. He was quite often thought of and called "perfect."

    When he was twenty-one, Osamu caught a young man stealing from a shipment of food that had arrived at his home. He attempted to stop the man, but was met with resistance and hostility. Osamu recognized that this man was just hungry and desperate to survive, so Osamu taught him a lesson. He beat the man into the ground and then had his family doctors take him to a guest room. Osamu waited for the man to wake up and began lecturing him about asking instead of stealing, but realized the guy didn't speak Arcadian even though he looked like one. Osamu did his best to help the man and communicate with him. It took him two months to figure out what the man's name was Adam Steele.

    In exchange for work around the house, Osamu allowed Adam to stay in his home. When Adam showed interest in his families swordsman training, he offered that as well. Though Osamu always felt more like a mentor than anything else, the two became close. Everything was fine until Osamu became stressed over his family's problems. His Father was revealed to commit treason against Ezon, tarnishing the name of the Kitoaji. They were stripped of their noble title and banished from Ezon. However, in a desperate attempt to prevent his Mother and Sisters from losing their home, Osamu offered a deal. When the deal was accepted, Osamu did not hesitate to decapitate his own Father.

    With his family removed from noble status, Osamu decided he wanted to travel. Osamu was always a leader, so staying at home wasn't going to suit him. He wanted to help people. He began traveling north, since south would be more difficult for him to head south and soon realized he was being followed. He acted like he didn't know for quite some time, but after a month decided to confront his follower. Adam didn't seem like he was going to back off, so the two soon began traveling with each other. When they came across a village being bullied by a group of bandits, the two fought together to defend those who could not defend themselves. Since then, the two have been quite the vigilante duo.


    Type: Arcanist
    Description: Ever since he was young, Osamu has enjoyed the Ezonian Cherry Blossom trees back home. Another thing he enjoyed was the Ezonian katana. Osamu's has the ability to release his arcana around him and collect it when he wants. Because of this, he always has a 20ft transparent cloud of his arcana floating around him. When people are inside the arcana, they can detect the scent of cherry blossoms. When he decides to collect the arcana, it comes together and forms one of two things.

    The first is a normal katana (sometimes two), if he's not serious about the fight. The second is thousands of tiny and extremely sharp blades. These blades reflect the light and it causes them to look like cherry blossoms, but they are as deadly as any blade. He creates thousands of these at a time, controlling them all through mental commands. They move at his speed doubled, but their speed is doubled if he uses his hands to guide them. Being caught in the blades are like your body being put through a shredder. It will be thousands of tiny blades slowly ripping you apart as they cut you open.


    Equipment: N/A
    Skills: Osamu is a grand master of the katana. He mastered it around the age of sixteen, surpassing his entire family with it. He soon became the one people came to when they wanted to learn and was a good teacher for it as well. This is why he started teaching Adam and continues to this day.
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    Skill And Racial NumberSkill ModifiersArcana ModifiersTotal
    Agility: 33033
    Durability: 33033
    Endurance: 33033
    Speed: 36265
    Strength: 33134
    Energy Control: 32730

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