Tatiana Auletta [Approved, 3-5]

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    Tatiana Auletta [Approved, 3-5] Empty Tatiana Auletta [Approved, 3-5]

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    Human Template

    Basic Information

    Name: Tatiana Auletta
    Nicknames: Tiana
    Appearance Age: 18
    True Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 135

    Tatiana Auletta [Approved, 3-5] AP1_zps54ebov1q

    Tatiana Auletta [Approved, 3-5] AP2_zpsci8oa3ri
    Tatiana Auletta [Approved, 3-5] AP3_zpsj7gjxfk9

    Character Information

    Personality: Tatiana prefers to be called Tiana because her actual name feels to clunky for her. Tiana seems smoother and more beautiful, so she prefers it. Tiana is not someone that is stuck on the idea of being beautiful, but she likes it when people says she is because of how beautiful her Mom is. She loves the comparison between her and her Mother, and she hopes that she will one day be as beautiful as her. If she's not, that's okay because she understand some of her Mother's allure comes from the Arcana her Mother has, so it's not all real. In fact, Tiana has a selfish pride that she keeps secret when it comes to that. Everytime she's complimented, it's not because of a spell, but natural beauty.

    Tiana and her Mother were always close, but after losing her Father, things changed. Tiana stopped being able to be young and had to take care of a lot of the duties the Queen should, while also taking care of her younger brother. Her little brother, Luca, is a little pain in the ass as well. He likes making Tiana's job harder by running off and getting into trouble, so the two of them don't get along as well as they should. Tiana has often been caught crying because of the stress she's been put under. She never even got into the lessons that would prepare her for being Queen and she's already acting as one. She's fallen into depression and hates being home because of it. This is why she started sneaking out.

    Tiana is a dreamer. She wants to do this and she wants to do that, but she knows she'll never be able to because she's the Princess of Arcadia. She never wanted to be the Princess, but doesn't have a choice. It's in her blood. She loves her Mother, but not being able to choose her own path is more than frustrating to her. Tiana is a little rebellious because of this. Any time she is able to slip away from her guards, she does. She'll vanish for a few hours and return to the castle unnoticed because she goes out in disguise. Tiana has a few friends, but none of them no who she actually is. She fears they'll dislike her for lying or start using her. Tiana wants a friend that won't use her when she tells them.

    Character Background: After the death of her Father, Tiana's life became more and more complicated. Her mother fell into a horrible depression, dropping every ounce of work onto Tiana. She works every day to keep her Kingdom running, but she still doesn't understand everything. The guards and advisors all began to look to her for help and started making it worse. When Luca got to a certain age, he began acting out and Tiana was the one to deal with it. He would harrass the guards, break things around the castle, bug the cooks while they were doing their jobs, or let out the animals from their pins so the workers has to clean it up. He seemed to enjoy making Tiana's life hell.

    One day, Tiana finally broke down and collapsed under all of the stress. She felt the panic attack coming on and ran to her room to hide. When she got there, she fell onto the bed, curled up, and began to cry until she ran out of tears. Since then, Tiana has been depressed, but got a new idea in the last three months. To get a break from all of the stress, Tiana began sneaking out, especially at night. She'd leave the castle in disguise or wearing a cloak just to get a bit of freedom. She met a couple of friends as well: Diana, Michelle, and Lyra. They only think she works in the palace and have no idea that she's the Princess of Arcadia. Tiana has no plans of telling them that either. It's her little secret.


    Type: Arcanist
    Description: Hasn't appeared yet...


    Equipment: N/A
    Skills: N/A
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    Skill And Racial NumberSkill ModifiersArcana ModifiersTotal
    Agility: 33
    Durability: 33
    Endurance: 33
    Speed: 33
    Strength: 33
    Energy Control: 33

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    Tatiana Auletta [Approved, 3-5] Empty Re: Tatiana Auletta [Approved, 3-5]

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