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    Character Template

    "To kill a few to save the many... I can do that. No, I will do that. Because people like those that walk along the same path I do... I can't let them bear that burden. It's too heavy of one for those still with kind hearts. "


    Name: Masamune Fujiwara (藤原 正宗 Fujiwara Masamune)
    ALIAS: Crimson Wolf

    Gender: Male
    Age: 24
    Height: 6'2" (185.42 cm)
    Weight: 168 lbs (76 kg)

    This guy isn't someone without morals. He may do jobs that normally only those lacking morals generally do, but he doesn't lack them like they do. Rather, his morals simply... grey themselves out when he's on a job.Things that are impossibly dangerous, politically touchy, or too violent for other members of the Noir Masamune does. For someone to be saved, another must be removed. That is the law that Masamune has observed. For most, the realization that you'd have to let someone die... that's too much and would ruin their spirits. That's why Masamune does those sometimes-terrible jobs. To many, it seems as though Masamune has a death wish. And he does, to a degree. He just wants to save people from the burden he bears, even if that means he has to destroy himself in the process. It's why he generally is alone on what jobs he takes. He refuses to take others along, and will deliberately lose someone ordered to tag along with him.

    But just because he's alone like that... it doesn't mean he doesn't care for his comrades. As mentioned above, he's alone because he doesn't want harm to come to his comrades even if they can hold their own. Actually, the guy has a deep friendship with nearly all of the Devotes, especially Nadia. He'll joke with her, tease her, and even give her the occasional "noogie." Not to hurt her of course. He doesn't even remember why he started doing it, but he'll only do that to her. He can't stay mad at her for long, because his punishments for her are generally him putting her into a headlock and then giving her a noogie. But he will not do it if she's been crying. Or well, he won't do it as hard. He'll still dig a knuckle into the top her head and rotate it, but moreso just to get her attention rather than anything else.

    Despite him only giving noogies to Nadia, Masamune is a snarky smartass. He'll joke around with just about anyone. Even in combat, he'll joke a bit. But mainly, it's toward friends. For some jokes, he'll risk getting a slap. He's not afraid to joke about his friends' sex lives—except for Nadia's, he'll actually stop other people from joking about that. For example, there's Luxanna, another Devote. He'll gladly joke about some more private things with her (risking her turning him invisible instead of a slap). Of course, when he's asked to stop, he'll stop. Except for when he's joking around with Nadia. He'll stop when he feels like it or if she starts to tear up. Then he'll stop and feel bad. But back to Luxanna. Frankly, despite them being friendly to one another most of the time, Masamune is a little scared of her. That isn't to say he'll run from her or have his hair stand on edge if she appears. No, he just knows that if anyone is to dish out punishment against him, he would want it to be anyone but Luxanna. He still trusts her with his life, if that means anything.

    Masamune is so close to Nadia because she is the perfect example of the type of person he wants to protect. She can hold her own in a fight definitely. The problem comes from her mentality. Or well, it's not a problem. It's the reason why he wants to protect her. She's innocent and naive—and almost too much of both. Although he does want to see her mature a bit, he will not let it be on the battlefield. He routinely steals jobs from her for that, although she ends up getting the pay. He knows he could possibly be kicked out of the Noir, but that doesn't matter to him. He'll still make sure that she's okay and not taking on the hard, combat-laden jobs. Masamune also steals jobs from other members of the Noir occasionally as well. Or well, steal isn't the right word. He loves to be the messenger between members of the Noir, as he can tell if a job is too dangerous or not. If it is, he'll take the job instead. They never even know there was a job for them. Despite him being somewhat afraid of her, he'll even do this to Luxanna.


    Masamune Fujiwara [Approved No Tier] Header4
    Masamune Fujiwara [Approved No Tier] Appearance
    Masamune Fujiwara [Approved No Tier] Appearance2

    Type: Evoker
    Description: N/A


    Hihiirokane: (ヒヒイロカネ; lit. Flaming Scarlet Gold) Hihiirokane is Masamune's nodachi. It is a special blade, enchanted from its beginning.

    Seinaru Teru Kasai: (聖なる寺火災; Holy Temple Fire) Seinaru Teru Kasai can be classified as a multi-target attack. It releases 99 bolts of lightning from the entire blade. Each bolt is not strong enough to kill someone on their own. A single bolt from Seinaru Teru Kasai is like a small taser. It will shock and possibly hurt, but it is far from fatal. The problem is that a 10-meter radius from the blade is where these strikes can occur. Although there is no control for where these bolts strike, the fact is that there is nearly a hundred bolts striking in a confined area. Because of that, there is a nickname for this attack is "Kaminari Ori" meaning "lightning cage." It has a once per two post usage.

    Atsukai Nayamu Kami no Hi: (熱かい悩む神の火; lit. Scorching, Troublesome Divine Flame ) Atsukai Nayamu Kami no Hi is the exact opposite of Seinaru Teru Kasai. Whereas the latter is the 99, the former is the 1. Atsukai Nayamu Kami no Hi targets a single person. It takes the 99 bolts and converts it to one, creating a 100-bolt-in-one strike. It has the strength of 100 small tasers in one, making it a near-fatal attack if not fatal. The bolt goes 100 meters in a single direction, and that direction being wherever the blade's tip is pointing. It can not be used the same post Seinaru Teru Kasai is, and has a once per two post usage.

    Sensou Odori: (戦争踊り; lit. War Dance) Sensou Odori is a unique ability of Masamune's Hihiirokane. Frankly, it can be used without the sword being drawn. However, it's not as fast as if it were drawn. The ability is, as he puts it, "riding the lightning." It allows Masamune to literally fly by using lightning to propel him above the ground. It's a sort of magnetic levitation, although he can't use it to sneak up on anyone. This is because the ability causes hundreds of nonlethal bolts of lightning to appear almost as legs beneath Masamune. Getting hit by these bolts is like getting hit by static electricity. It's more of an annoyance than anything else. With Hihiirokane is sheathed, Masamune can travel about the same speed as a horse. He can even sit or lie down while using it in that mode. When not sheathed, his speed is about twice that of a horse. He can not use Atsukai Nayamu Kami no Hi or Seinaru Teru Kasai while using this. He also can not take someone else on the lightning with him unless he carries them. The other way of looking at it is that he can't take anything on the lightning that isn't on him. He can also put light shocks from the "riding" at the end of his blade, although it's good for only practical jokes.

    Hishinkukuro: (火真紅黒; lit. Flaming Crimson Black) Hishinkukuro is Masamune's wakizashi. It, like Hihiirokane, was enchanted from its beginning.

    Sakihane: (先羽根; lit. Front Blade) Sakihane is a once-per-release ability to form a full-armor version of the sword. It has twice the cutting power and twice the blade strength while also being twice the weight. However, it lasts only three posts.
    Masamune Fujiwara [Approved No Tier] FullArmor

    Gohane: (後羽根; lit. Rear Blade) Gohane is an additional ability with Sakihane. It gives Masamune an additional 2x boost to Sakihane's 2x boosts, bringing the boosts to 4x. However, it's a one strike move... and the sword breaks after use. It reforms, but not in-thread unless a full 24 hours passes in-thread. It also takes up a different appearance.
    Masamune Fujiwara [Approved No Tier] FullArmor2

    Gekkanokenshi: (月華の剣士; lit. Last Blade) Gekkanokenshi uses another's swords. For every sword within a 500-meter radius, Masamune's sword gets stronger both cutting-wise and strength-wise. There is no real "limit" to how sharp and reinforced the sword can become. This makes places where Masamune is surrounded by swords a perfect battlefield. It is passive and therefore has no post limit. However, the weight does increase with each sword by 20% for each sword added to his blade.

    Tanegashima Matchlock: It is much shorter than a normal matchlock, and it is only a single-shot—although it has been upgraded to be more reliable, easier to load and reload, and to be much more accurate. Masamune carries it on his waist, and he also wields it with one hand.

    Swordsmanship Master: Simply put, the guy has a style like no other, because it revolves around using both of his swords as well as his rifle. He is a damn quick draw as well.

    History and Roleplay Sample

    Years ago, Masamune Fujiwara had no name. Those very same years ago, he had no home. He doesn't remember his parents, nor where he came from. You can go to his 'hometown' and no one can answer either question. How he survived those years is unknown to him, and he says he should've died frankly. As someone with no home... he resorted to being like an animal to get what he needed. To put it another way, he was a criminal from an early age on. He was always good with his hands and was nimble. Eventually, he made 'friends.' There were other people like him, and they rallied behind the young man. At this time, he was only called 'Boss.'

    Masamune's gang grew over the years until he had around fifty other homeless, orphaned, or otherwise abandoned people stealing with him. The group lived in a small warehouse with no windows. It wasn't ideal, but it worked. That was until it happened. People within the group became sick with something that left them crippled. And because of the tight confines, the disease spread quickly. Masamune had seen animals when members of their packs became incapable of keeping up. One night, he finally had the resolve to copy the beasts of nature. One by one, he silently killed each of the sickly, throwing their bodies into a nearby river. The next day, members awoke to blood and missing comrades. They went to Masamune, asking what had happened. He looked back to them, saying he killed each of them. "I had to save the majority. If a few had to die because of that, then so be it." They called him a monster and chased him away. He wandered after that. He felt he could find no one that would trust him. He still committed crimes in order to stay alive. He obtained his four best weapons during this time—his katana, his wakizashi, his tanegashima, and his name. He doesn't like to speak on the exact whys, wheres, and hows, but sometime later he ended up joining the Noir... feeling they could be trusted. He also felt that they needed someone like him.

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    Application Checklist
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    Hihiirokane: Tier 1-5
    Hishinkukuro: Tier 1-5

    Tier: No tier

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    Hey you're banjacked, hey you're screwed~
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    Trapped on an island, lost at sea~
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