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    A man of death cloaked in stability and order

    Character Template


    Name: J. Strigon [Birth Name Unknown]
    ALIAS: Reaper, "J"
    Gender: Male
    Age: 26
    Height: 6'0 (180 cm)
    Weight: 180 lbs (81kg)

    The first thing to know about him is that he doesn't go by an actual name. You will not once see an actual name throughout this profile. You will never hear anyone call him anything other than J, Reaper, or Boss. Well, unless they're not on his side. Then it doesn't matter what they call him. He may seem cold and calloused, and that's because he is. He doesn't care about personal things. He doesn't care if the person he kills has a wife and family. He doesn't care if that woman is pregnant. To kill a few to save the many. He took that to its logical extremes. He also may seem uncaring and unphasable. And again, that's because he is. You could put a gun to his forehead and a knife to his throat and all he will do is stare because by that time, it's assumed that he's been dis-armed and dis-legged and can't fight back any. He doesn't plead for his life. He's one of those mentioned below, and thus he too must die.

    Everything you'd find in his home is orderly. Not in the sense that every single thing has its own special spot. No, everything just has its own categories. What goes on inside those categories he doesn't care, unless it disrupts the order of the categories. You can't put the goat cage next to the tiger cage, for example. Sure nothing may happen inside either that's of any concern, but the latter will try to strike at the goats and that will put the goats on edge and that will scare them, causing un-needed panic. Of course, he doesn't actually keep animals. Too noisy and too much of a hassle. But this is how he views the world. Everything has its own category (aka the six nations and the open lands) that are in a unilateral state of peace or at least a very un-active cold war. And this order that was wrought by man's hand and blood needs to be protected at any cost.

    He doesn't think that he controls everything from behind the scenes, but a lot of people think he does. Well, he does and he doesn't. He's not the New World Order, secretly controlling the governments. But he is someone who goes to insane lengths to protect the order. What does that entail usually? Well, the main thing is elimination. People who are too skilled or strong for their own good and/or want nothing but destruction are given top priority. They have the ability to overthrow the order the world is currently in. Thus, they must die. Well, those who have power and/or potential are given an option to join him, making it an easier job to take out others with too much skill or power. Similarly, organizations that try to start revolts or do massive damage are generally quelled by him and/or his people. He single-handedly ended the attempted mass-revolt led by Char Aznable, for example.


    Appearance: Underneath that mask that he never takes off, his face is scarred. The simply way to describe it is being near a shrapnel-based explosive. He has the burns from the explosion as well as horrendous scarring from shrapnel. He won't speak on what caused it, nor does he show it. His voice is surprisingly deep and raspy, almost like an older man who had been through the battlefield his entire life.
    Reaper [Approved; 1-1] Appearance
    Reaper [Approved; 1-1] Appearance2

    Type: Sorcerer
    Description: His magic is broken into two halves, the Crystals of the Reaper and Rejection. Crystals of the Reaper is his main ability. It allows him to create crystalline rocks of various shapes. Once he has a crystal, he can have it grow or re-grow or shrink. Seems simple, as his main way to use this is to create a sword he can easily repair. Well, to understand how dangerous this is, one has to do a little math. His weight-height ratio is, for simpleness's sake, 2.5:1. That means for every 1 inch, there is 2.5 pounds of mass. The weight-height ratio for the crystals is 5:1. This means for every 1 square inch of crystals, there are 5 pounds of mass. This makes his sword, which is 42 inches long and exactly one inch thick, would roughly weigh over 210 pounds. Yes, his sword is heavier than he is. But he can lift it like it was nothing. Of course, lifting it and swinging it while taking a couple of steps is one thing. Lifting it and running? That's completely different. If they're too quick for him and he can't use the real ability of these crystals, then he just drops the damn thing and chases after them. The real danger of this ability is if he puts the crystals on people. He could essentially spread tiny crystals on someone and then immobilize them like it was nothing. He can only grow 10 square inches a post, meaning that he can only put 50 pounds on a person or thing per post. And at that much, it's easy to knock it off. After the second post, where it's now at 100 pounds, it's harder. And then so on and so on.

    Rejection, on the other hand, is a passive type. It can't really even be called an ability but moreso a curse in some ways. His Arcana rejects other Arcana. This means he can't be healed by Arcanic means, but it also means that he can push his Arcana outwards to create reactive armor, which explodes upon contact with other Arcana. This explosive force propels the other Arcana away. The weakness is that he only has three layers of this armor, meaning that three blasts, for example, hitting the same spot would penetrate through. He also can not repair a layer for one post after it was damaged (there's the destruction post, the other participant's post, then the repair post). This does NOT stop Arcane Items unless they are using an ability. Normal weapons are also not affected. This also does NOT cover his crystals. They CAN be destroyed by Arcana, except for his sword if he is holding it as the reactive armor would cover it.


    Equipment: The only equipment to speak of are his gloves, which have razorblades across the the knuckles and outside of the fingers.
    Sword Skill: He is not bad with a sword. Thanks to his Arcana, it allows him to fight duels long after one sword has broken.
    Strength: You may be thinking "He's wielding a 210-pound sword. He's gotta be super-strong." And he is, actually. But all of his strength is there for wielding a sword. He has much higher strength levels than most, yes. He needs it for starting off the wielding. But actually, most of it is more muscle memory than it is anything else. In fact, if he put that same amount of weight on, for example, his back, he would fall over and not be able to get up.
    Strategist: He doesn't go into a situation without planning it first. He spends countless nights creating contingency plans for any of his operations so that no matter what, he wins in the end.
    Leader: As the leader of Night Nine, he is capable of rousing at least eight other people into his cause, although he doesn't care too much about them. He's willing to use each and every one of them as a sacrificial pawn.
    Hand-to-Hand: In case his swords and crystals have no effect, he isn't half-bad with martial arts. His gloves are made just for that, actually. They have tiny blades embedded into the knuckles, allowing him to cut into people's skin without any problems generally. A good punch to the neck can even kill someone.

    History and Roleplay Sample

    We're not going to learn where he was born. He doesn't care. We're not going to learn who his parents were. He doesn't care. Simply put, he doesn't care about his past... at least how he got to where he is. He gives hints that he was always good at board games that involved strategies and the like. He was always the leader of the groups he was in without question. This is because... well, the place he was raised was a military academy of sorts. He doesn't speak of it to anyone, and thus does not have "fond memories" of the place. All it did was give him the skills he uses today.

    So we skip ahead. There is one day he will speak of from his past. Well, there are two, but this is the first... He doesn't remember (or care) how old he was when he heard it. "This world is on a thin line of total destruction or total destruction. As long as we teeter on this line, we're safe. But one move, one move by anyone will end this world." Someone with a lot of stars on his shoulders told him that. He knew that this world was stagnant. He had not seen change while inside those high, stone walls. And he realized just... how much would be lost if the world did teeter any. He swore that he'd keep the balance, just like all of the other children that never left that building.

    Somehow... he survived a "mysterious fire" in the dormitories. No one else did survive. And he realized what had happened—the project was cancelled and thus there would be no need for them anymore. So he left, left and began a journey to keep balance. At first, it was simple. He'd stop purse-snatchers, thinking they could do something evil with that little bit of money. But then he matured, slowly. He learned that they couldn't do much with that money, and it was more going towards a drug habit than anything else. So he began to go after more hardened criminals. Police would refer to him as "Reaper" when they'd see his handiwork. He was taking the souls of those that should have been dead long ago... so it fit for the media.

    And even as he went after crime lords, it wasn't... big enough. So he went the final step—rogue governments and terrorists alike were now his targets. In a few years, two cells of mid-level terrorists had been felled. And yet he still felt like it was not enough. And that's... when he appeared. A man, clad in red, appeared, declaring a "war of reformation" against the world governments. That man was his target. That man was Char Aznable. When the governments finally turned on Char, an all-out war between him and the combined might of six nations broke out. He knew he had to stop this.

    In the midst of the final battle, he broke through the lines and was able to approach Char in person. Unfortunately, an explosion ripped between the two in the midst of a fight. Flaming shrapnel tore into the flesh around his mouth, burning him severely. Char escaped, although he was later killed, and he retreated to seek independent medical assistance. Donning a mask afterwards to keep his scars covered, he took on the mantle of "J" and "Reaper" and formed the first Night Nine...

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    Strength: 49

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