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    Special Playable Character Template


    Name: Akira Raine
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21
    Race: Human
    Location: Zakat, roams from each major city.
    Occupation: Specialist, Odd Jobs


    Akira Raine Kautofull1663194_zps5a9b00c6

    Personality: Calm, but sweet. Akira is a nice person with a soft spoke voice. Her smiles are always sincere, but lack any real flare. When she talks, some times it's hard to hear her. Akira may be that sweet girl that most people don't fear, but the woman is deadly. If someone crosses her, betrays her, or does anything to put her or anyone she cares about (or is working for) in danger, she will not hesitate to take them down. She is a good person with a kind heart, so she doesn't work for people that hurt others. She is intelligent, so she does background checks for anyone who chooses to hire her. She asks a lot of questions and remembers every single answer, down to each word, that they give her. If she feels she can't trust someone, she will decline a job. Akira has a weakness for children. She can't stand them getting hurt. It is the one time she will go against her own code: to protect a child. She will harm another person, an adult, to keep a child safe. She will lie, cheat, steal, and maybe even kill if the stakes are high enough.

    Character Background: Akira came from a village in the Southern Open Lands. It was a small, but beautiful place to be. Her family was kind and knew everyone around. The village helped each other, they looked out for each other. Things ended when a group of bandits made their way to the village and killed everyone. Her mother and father were able to get Akira to a hiding place, but sitting there forced her to watch these cruel men slaughter innocent men, women, and even children without hesitation. She hated the sight and it haunted her for years. Once she turned sixteen, all of that happening when she was fourteen, Akira began training with a sword. She wandered into Zakat and found a village with a man who chose to teach her after hearing her story. She became very good at what she did. She wasn't number one out of all of his students, but she was definitely in the top ten. Since this man had seventy-two students, that really was not a bad place to be. Three years into her training, her teacher died and left the school to his son. His son didn't like her because of how easily she caught on to everything. It wasn't long after that when Akira was kicked out of the school and forced back into travel. Needing money for food, shelter, and clothes, Akira began doing little jobs for people who needed help. She keeps herself within the borders of Zakat, but continues doing this odd jobs. Though she's not very famous, a lot of people know her name. She's that person that you go “Oh yeah, I think I've heard of her.”

    Abilities and Skills

    Magic Type: Evoker
    Magic Description: N/A
    Equipment: Akira has a ordinary looking katana, but it's actually an Arcane Item. It's ability has to do with ice. With each cut it makes, it shoots out Arcana to freeze the area. If the blade hits, the area that it hits will freeze over. If it misses, a thin sheet of sharp ice forms in the shape of her swing and shoots forward as fast as someone cans throw a ball. It is able to be dodged, but difficult because of the close range. She can do this twice twice per post and has a maximum of 60 times it can be done.

    Skills: Akira is an expert with single-handed swords. Her body is also very agile, so she's quick on her feet and quite skilled in the art of evasion. She's also very observant, never taking her eyes off her target, which is good for predicting movements, bad for sneak attacks. Observant isn't the same as alert. Someone can sneak up on her and she might not know it. That doesn't mean her guard is so far down it's easy to do this, but it is quite possible in a heated battle.


    Allowed to Play: Everyone can use her. Remember she doesn't leave Zakat, no matter what. She's a good companion to have if you need help with something.
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