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    Laurie Barese Empty Laurie Barese

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    Special Playable Character Template


    Name: Laurie Barese
    Gender: Female
    Age: 24
    Race: Human
    Location: Iserlohn, Zakat
    Occupation: Gift Shop Owner


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    Personality: Laurie is a kind woman, but a little stubborn at times. Laurie is very intelligent and determined. She has wanted to own her own business since she was a little girl and recently accomplished that goal. She's very happy in her life, but still yearns to find a man to love. Laurie is nervous around children because they often break things in her shop and she doesn't understand them. Laurie is a jumpy person, often startled by sudden noises. She is one of the women who doesn't believe Elves are out there and if she ever saw one will be offended by them. She's not a bad person, but doesn't like things that are unfamiliar.

    Laurie does not leave the city and can really only be found in her shop.

    Character Background: Laurie was born to her mother and father, but when she was six her mother abandoned them for her own adventure. This was also known as “fallin for another woman”. Laurie stayed with her Father, who was heart broken, but happy with his little girl. Laurie's Father always talked about owning his own business like it'd be a dream come true, so Laurie soon adopted that dream. The two of them grew happy together. Laurie went to school to learn to run a business and once she graduated, she and her Father were able to open up a gift shop. For a long time the gift shop was doing very bad. Their location was horrible, but they were given a little luck and able to move. Now, she's in the center of multiple hotels, bars, and even near a train station. The shop is doing great and both Laurie and her Father are very happy with what they've done. Her Father just wants her to settle down, provide him with a couple of grand-kids, and be happy.

    Abilities and Skills

    Magic Type: Normal
    Magic Description: N/A

    Items That Can Be Found In Her Shop:
    • Clothes
    • Jewelry
    • Posters Of Emperor
    • Zakatian Flag
    • Souvenir Cups, Mugs, Plates
    • Souvenir Weapons (not dangerous)
    • Snacks and Drinks

    Skills: Laurie is very charismatic and has a smile that catches most peoples eyes. If she smiles at someone, they often feel happy and uplifted. She's a great talker, usually able to persuade someone into buying something in her shop.


    Allowed to Play: Everyone
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    Laurie Barese Empty Re: Laurie Barese

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