What does Loyalty Mean to You? [Private]

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    What does Loyalty Mean to You? [Private] Empty What does Loyalty Mean to You? [Private]

    Post by Dai on Fri Jan 02, 2015 11:45 pm

    "Ugh, just as I wanted to go back to Iserlohn, eh?" He tapped his foot lightly on the ground, watching the men surrounding him with a pair of narrowed, hawk-like eyes, "It's not enough that I have to take that damn trek, but I also have to deal with fools like yourselves?" He could count six or seven men in a formation around him, and cursed the fact that these men were somewhat intelligent. While he was no expert on the stuff, he could see the light being drawn in to their clothing, and determined that they had laced Void Steel into the stuff. It was a difficult thing to do, and because Void Steel was useless against anything other than a mage, there was no point in putting it on to deal with anything else. This meant, of course, that they were expecting him--or at least another mage. He'd had enough of assassination attempts by now.

    It had been about a month since he'd had the assassination attempt on his head in Iserlohn, and he had decided to return there to check on the status of their Emperor, whom he had apparently saved the life of, and vice versa. It was probably going to be a fruitless expedition, but something was nagging at the back of his mind. He felt like visiting this would warrant more than just a meal, or whatever it was that was going to happen. As a result, he had asked for Senhime to accompany him, and she had--as she always would. That alone confused Dai. He thought she would have given up on him long ago, but apparently not. "C'mon, boys," he droned, "It's not enough that I'm alone and unarmed, you have to outnumber me too?" The men stepped forward with their weapons pointed at him, still not wanting to back down.

    "Look, you're all using archaic weapons for Zakatians. Thought you guys were into armored suits and the like, not swords, shields and void steel." He saw their eyes widen. Apparently, he had hit a point. They didn't think he knew? Was that it? However, their resolve seemingly returned and they pressed on into him again, "You already know I can't touch you with my Arcana. Why don't you take what you're looking for? I'm useless right now." He raised his hands into the air, but as he did, the fingers on his right hand moved in a quick succession of motions. While the men would think of it as some kind of Arcana preparation and laugh it off, the one he was looking to see it would know it to be something else.

    An order to 'attack'.

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