#009 Hexenwulf Belt

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    #009 Hexenwulf Belt Empty #009 Hexenwulf Belt

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    Name: Hexenwulf Belt
    Type: Belt
    Description: A Hexenwulf Belt is always a brown belt. On the inside band, there are black runes carved into it, and all Hexenwulf Belts have the same runes carved into it. The runes on the inside are actually mostly nonsense though. To destroy a Hexenwulf Belt, you have to burn it. Cutting it can temporarily disrupt the magic, but if it is repaired, it still works. But if it burns, the belt turns into green goo that smells like burning rubber.
    Rarity: Rare and expensive. Also illegal.
    Creator: Unknown. It is possible there are multiple creators them, as the runes are sometimes written differently.
    Location(s) Found: Shady black markets; dark alleys in Grandview or in Fennmont.

    • Adjustable: Once someone grabs a Hexenwulf Belt, it adjusts to their waist. They could gain a hundred pounds and the belt would still fit around their waist.
    • Hexenwulf Transformation: Becoming a Hexenwulf (plural: Hexenwulfen) is the main ability of the Hexenwulf Belt. It's basically the ability to become a werewolf without being cursed. The fur color depends on your hair color, as do the eyes. Hexenwulfen are not as strong as a 'true' werewolf in legends, but they are still stronger than a normal human. All Arcane abilities are locked away while transformed though. A Hexenwulf has twice the strength and speed of their human counterpart, and they all have claws and teeth capable of tearing through chain mail (although doing so takes time). Their senses are enhanced, which is both a blessing and a curse. To activate the transformation, the wearer must touch the belt with their bare skin. This does mean that there are times where an accidental transformation can happen. A transformation lasts for five posts, and a single Hexenwulf Belt lasts for twenty transformations. The downside to one of these belts is an addiction to them. The person becomes more predator-like, and the feeling of being on the top of the food pyramid disappears while in a human body. Thus, they crave the Hexenwulf belt more and more.
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