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    Elder Dragon Template

    Basic Information

    Name: Avrae
    Nicknames: The Eternal Oblivion, Keeper of the Moon, the Winged Midnight
    Appearance Age: (How old do they look?)
    True Age: ~300
    Gender: Female
    Draconic Wingspan: ~400 feet
    Draconic Length: ~300 feet
    Draconic Weight: ~160 tons
    Humanoid Height: 5'4
    Humanoid Weight: 160 lbs
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Dragon Class: Legendary
    Dragon Appearance:

    Humanoid Appearance: While in a humanoid form, Avrae actually splits her time between two different appearances. One is less conspicuous, while the other is more of what she likes. Her less-conspicuous appearance has shorter hair and a smaller bust. The one she prefers has a large bust (around 40Eand long hair she normally keeps in a braided bun.
    Avrae [Approved; 0-2, Legendary] Appearance1
    Avrae [Approved; 0-2, Legendary] Appearance
    Avrae [Approved; 0-2, Legendary] Concept
    Avrae [Approved; 0-2, Legendary] Concept1
    Avrae [Approved; 0-2, Legendary] Concept2
    Avrae [Approved; 0-2, Legendary] Concept3
    Avrae [Approved; 0-2, Legendary] Concept4

    Character Information

    Humans are fickle, transient things. They waste away whatever life they have doing what they enjoy. They change their mind on a whim, love things in strange ways, and participate in strange rituals for no apparent reason. And that is why Avrae loves them. Humans are but another existence, although a much lesser one than dragonkind, but they are so different. It took years for Avrae to understand anything about humans, but now she loves them. They are not as rigid and restrained as Angels or Demons. They are not as set in their ways and afraid of the world as Elves. And they aren't as new as Vampires, although Avrae would like to try one of them out.

    Avrae is arrogant to the point that some in the Noir might wonder why she hasn't named herself Queen of the World. She laughs that off by saying "That would mean that I am married to the behemoth Endellion. He'd break me. No fun in that." Human borders make no sense to her, and she only abides by the law because she doesn't want to cause problems for her guild. To her, Elder Dragons are the ones who are really in control, and all bow down to Endellion. Avrae would never fight him, not in a million years. He's a god to her, and even she knows she can't kill a Dragon God. A human god, however, is something completely different.

    Avrae is a free spirit as well. So much so that it's lucky Luxanna was able to convince her to walk around with clothes on. She'll walk out of her room with only a bra on, or even nothing sometimes. She knows people likes it. It's one reason she does it. Another is just that she likes to show off. And damn does she have a body to do it. She has a modeling gig on the side, although under a different name—Sylvia Avare. She also does photoshoots for adult magazines if they can pay her price. But she doesn't just show her body, she uses her tongue (metaphorically and literally) as well. Avrae has a silver tongue, and she uses it to sweet-talk men and women into bed with her. They have to have a certain quality to them, of course. She flirts openly with Luxanna, although she wouldn't dare make a move yet. She also flirted once with Nadia, but was promptly stopped by two members of the Noir, although at different times. One was Luxanna, which was normal. The other was Masamune, a man she finds interesting but distasteful.

    Character Background:
    Avrae is an old dragon. She was raised a beast, and she was raised knowing that she was greater than the rest. She was raised alone. No siblings, no friends, and eventually no family. After reaching adulthood, her mother disappeared on her. She didn't need to be taught how to hunt. She just knew how to by instinct. That was one of the many perks of being an Elder Dragon. She had instinctual knowledge on certain subjects.

    Avrae knew she would one day grow to be a powerhouse. Her parents were proof of that. She fought other dragons for territory. She became a fearsome force of nature within her first century. That was when she met her first human. He was a knight out to slay her. She questioned him instead, asking what human life was like. She was fascinated by the way he spoke of his culture. So, Avrae disguised herself as a human and began to mingle.

    Avrae met two other Legendary Elder Dragons during her life. One was Silvath, the Storm-Winged. The other was Daenerys the Mother of Black. Although, Avrae knew them as Silvath the Duskbreaker and Daenerys the Dawnbringer. This trio of Elder Dragons were quite fond of one another, and they basically had a book club—but for dragons. They would gather and talk about their conquests and loot for the seasons. Daenerys eventually departed for a while, and she came back with a child—Xalanth. It turns out Daenerys found a suitable mate. Xalanth's scales were as black as his mother's.

    Silvath and Avrae had a fling for a few decades. Mostly of it was because of lonely jealousy and envy. And most of it was sex. Lots of sex. Avrae and Silvath eventually parted ways, and eventually so did Daenerys. Avrae began to spend more on among the human population, which is how she met Luxanna and joined the Noir.

    Draconic Abilities

    Racial Abilities: Full-Flight, Humanoid Form Strength
    Element: Crystal.
    Elemental Abilities: Crystal Elder Dragons can be called the most fearsome. Those of fire may be the most destructive. Those of air may be the speediest. Those of earth may be the most durable. Those of water may be able to survive in the depths of the ocean. Those of ice may be able to survive in the harsh Northlands. Those of lightning may be able to survive in the worst of storms. Those of acid may be able to melt through anything. Those of poison may be able to kill anything living. Those of metal may be able to survive and strike down man. But it is those of Crystal that are the most versatile. They may have a weaker resistance, but they are dragons of Arcana itself. None of Avrae's abilities have any element to them, even if they would normally do so.

    Holographica: Avrae has the ability to use her Arcana to manipulate light into forming holograms. These are usually things such as hearts appearing when she blows a kiss, making it look like there's a free gold coin on the floor, etc. She can also make stationary holograms of living creatures, like humans or even up to a single Great Dragon.

    Redirectum: As well as being immune to them, Avrae can also redirect raw Arcana/energy-based attacks. If someone simply fires off a blast of Arcana, Avrae can change its course with the flick of a wrist.

    Scriptus: Avrae can "write" magic. Well, in a way. She basically is able to write things that have a certain minor magic to them. Some examples of what she can do: she can make the writing disappear when read, explode (with no fire) when read, read a different way to another person.

    Veilanus: Avrae can change her clothes in an instant, although she can not do anything like armor with just this ability.

    Suspendum: Avrae can send out up to six rings of light that upon contact with something will hold it in place. Avrae can move the restraints around, allowing her to basically play with someone as if they were a doll. The restraints require a strength equal to Avrae's base strength to break free. They can last for up to an hour. She can send out a full barrage once per post.

    Lictum: Avrae can summon a tiny ball of light that shines like a bright torch that follows her around.


    Arcane Manifestation Appearance: Avrae's Arcane Manifestation is a suit of armor and lance. The armor is slightly more durable than a steel one of similar fashion, and the colors match her scales. The lance is her true Arcane Manifestation, however. It is where her abilities come from while using it.
    Avrae [Approved; 0-2, Legendary] ArcaneManifestation
    Arcane Manifestation Abilities: While Avrae's elemental abilities are more utility-based, her Arcane Manifestation is something for battle.

    Oblivium: Oblivium is a simple beam of pure Arcana shot from the tip of her lance. The beam is two feet wide and travels for 300 yards. She can fire two per post.

    Oblivium Recordare: Oblivium Recordare is an immediate follow-up to Oblivium. It's a technique meant to follow up with Oblivium, especially if the Oblivium missed. With Oblivium Recordare, she is able to fire another Oblivium immediately. This does not count towards her limit of Obliviums per post. If she uses Oblivium Recordare, she can not fire an Oblivium for three posts.

    Paradoxium Spiratus: Paradoxium Spiratus charges up Avrae's lance. It glows scarlet and hums with energy. While charged, the lance causes explosions of force whenever it contacts something. Each one is enough to knock a person fifty yards away. The kicker about the ability is that it spins when it explodes. A normal person would probably be flipped five or six times after being impacted. The charge lasts for six posts. She can not fire an Oblivium while using Paradoxium Spiratus. It has a three-post cooldown.

    Radix Mundi・At Illa Finem: Magic is the root of the world, and thus it is the beginning and the end. Humans have only recently learned to use Arcana, and they have such a limited understanding of it. Humans thus have a high chance to abuse their gift(s). Avrae despises all those that abuse Arcana. She charges her lance so it spins at a rate so high that the world around the lance begins to reject it. The air around it glows a brilliant white with red and yellow Arcana from Avrae giving it an outline. This takes a full post to charge, and any contact will nullify the charge. Once fully charged if it makes contact with someone or something with Arcana (or Anima), the spinning reverses. It then literally rips the Arcana from someone, completely. The Arcana dissipates into the air, and they are left without that energy. She can do this once per thread.  
    Riding: She is capable of riding just about any horse she comes across, even bareback.
    Jousting: Avrae is a master jouster. She could easily compete in national competitions and have a near-effortless chance at the gold medal.
    Violin: Avrae is not too bad with a violin, although she only plays casually.

    Equipment: Avrae keeps a dagger with her when she is mingling in her humanoid form. She also has a violin.

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    Human Form:

    Agility: 40+20=60
    Durability: 40+32=82
    Endurance: 40+20=60
    Speed: 40+20=60
    Strength: 40+38+40=118

    Energy Control: 50+50=100

    Additions From Racial: +40 Strength

    Dragon Form:

    Agility: 40+20-10=50
    Durability: 40+32+40=112
    Endurance: 40+20+20=80
    Speed: 40+20+20=80
    Strength: 40+38+40=118

    Energy Control: 50+50=100

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    Application Checklist

    • Name [x]
    • Appropriate Age [x]
    • Gender [x]
    • Appearance Present [x]
    • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [x]
    • Appearance is Not Claimed [x]
    • 15 sentences for personality [x]
    • History is 10 sentences [x]
    • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
    • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
    • Application is not in First Person [x]

    Tier: 0-5
    Rank: Expert
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    First Character Application Checklist

    • Name [-]
    • Appropriate Age [-]
    • Gender [-]
    • Appearance Present [-]
    • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [-]
    • Appearance is Not Claimed [-]
    • 15 sentences for personality [-]
    • History is 10 sentences [-]
    • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [-]
    • Powers are described reasonably enough [-]
    • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [-]
    • RP Sample Present[-]
    • RP Sample is 15 sentences[-]

    Comments/Notes: After special consideration and re-reading this app, I am upping this tier to fit current standards.
    Tier: 0-2
    Skill Rank: The Same: Expert (180)

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