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    Drake was fine with the idea. Luxanna, however, was not. "The idea would be fine if it weren't for the strict customs laws in Ezon. If we get caught flying over the border like that, it could cause a few issues. When it comes to money, though, we'll need to make some first. We should get a few jobs done and stop pulling from the Noir's account." Luxanna explained, rubbing the back of her head and sighing, "Well figure something out. I say we think on it for a night and decide later. That's a long trip and there are people that we need to let know before we leave Arcadia again." Luxanna stood up and began walking toward the exit. As she did, Juliette came down and held out a key. "Room four." "Thank you." Luxanna nodded and looked back to the rest. "You guys ready to get some sleep? I am..."

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