#007 45MW.TRG Dominator Portable Arcana Suppression System

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    #007 45MW.TRG Dominator Portable Arcana Suppression System Empty #007 45MW.TRG Dominator Portable Arcana Suppression System

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    Name: 45MW.TRG Dominator Portable Arcana Suppression System; commonly called the Dominator
    Type: Anti-Arcana Handgun
    Description: The Dominator is cast in all-black steel alloy, making it a durable but light weapon. To make the "barrel," which has more metal, more stable and the actual Dominator more comfortable, the grip is cast in a heavy wood. The gun is thus very balanced. Depending on the target, the gun switches between one of three modes of firing. The gun also talks, although it is not sentient. It tells the "Arcana Level" of the target it is pointed at and the mode the onboard AI selects for dealing with the target based on their threat level.  

    Non-Lethal Paralyser:
    Lethal Eliminator:
    Destroy Decomposer:

    Rarity: Very rare. Only members of the DAA are allowed to have it. The Emperor of Zakat has one, but she has never used it.
    Owned: N/A
    Creator: The Empire of Zakat
    Location(s) Found: Can't buy it, nor can you steal one and it still work.
    Abilities: These are abilities that are handled by the technology side of the gun.
    Arcana Detection: The Dominator can detect the Arcana within a person, and thus select a mode to fire based on how much Arcana they have. If they are wearing or wielding an Arcane Item and it blocks the Dominator's view, it will detect that Arcane Item's Arcana instead. This also means the weapon is hard to use in crowded areas, as the Dominator may pick up another person's Arcana.

    Fingerprint and Retinal Identification: Dominators can only be fired by members of the DAA and anyone else who is registered for one. Currently, the only non-members of the DAA who are allowed to have one are the Emperor and the members of the Grand Council. Once a member of the Grand Council retires or dies, the Dominator is handed down to their replacement and the successee's data is removed from the database. Only the Emperor is allowed to keep their Dominator if they step down.

    Arcane Abilities: These are what make the Dominator an Arcane Item. Note: The transformations are tier-based. Dominators can be, and usually are, set to automatic, which goes to a set mode based on the tier of the person. While in manual, a dial on the side of the Dominator will force the Dominator to remain in Non-Lethal Paralyzer mode.

    Non-Lethal Paralyzer: The Dominator's standard mode fires energy bursts that paralyze the target. The gun does not need to transform for this mode. Used to capture suspects in order to safely bring them into custody. The effect may be reduced or negated if the target is under the influence of strong stimulants. The trigger of the gun is locked by default until the onboard-scanner identifies a person with a tier above 3-5 in front of the muzzle and a registered and authorized user on the grip. This is to guarantee that there are no innocent victims and to prevent abuse. One shot per post. Effective range: 68 meters (225 feet).

    Lethal Eliminator: The anti-person lethal mode of the Dominator. When it changes to this state, the upper portion of the gun undergoes a rather elaborate transformation which includes swiveling, sliding and flipping around most parts -while the gun tells it's user to what mode it changes- and takes somewhere between two and four seconds. In this mode the weapon will shoot a huge burst of energy; which -upon contact with the target- causes a sharp, stinging pain in the first shot, and severe tissue damage in the second shot. This  affects organic and inorganic matter. The effects of the impact follow basically this scenario (in humans): The blast hits the body, everything behind the impact gets internally shredded, boiled, bubbly, expanded, liquefied, expanded some more, and then bursts open like a piñata. That whole process takes about 2 seconds and looks every bit as nasty as it sounds. What remains is mostly a corpse with a one-and-a-half foot hole (or bigger) in it and a spray of fine red mist. Use of the Lethal Eliminator mode  is restricted to individuals whose tier is above (and includes) 2-1. Once the Dominator has transformed it will only revert to it's non-lethal mode when unhanded, a few seconds after the last viable threat disappears—one way or another—from the sensor's field of view. It's usually fairly lethal - hence the name. Being shot in a limb while the gun is in this mode will often leave the target alive, albeit severely injured (Read: loss of the limb in question.) One shot per two posts. It takes two shots for the full effect, one shot wears off after 9 posts. One shot per three rounds of posting. Effective range: 34 meters (111 feet).

    Destroy Decomposer: The Dominator's Anti-Material mode. This setting provides the user with a literal hand-cannon blast of three to six feet diameter, intended to deal with armored targets, and possibly to create entry points into buildings. However, the Destroy Decomposer also works splendidly on organic material, leaving not half a trace of it behind. It can only be used on targets who have a tier of 0-5 or greater. One shot per thread. Effective range: 17 meters (55 feet).

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