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    Kenta [Approved; 1-2]


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    Kenta [Approved; 1-2]

    Post by Snops on Sun Oct 16, 2016 6:46 am

    Human Template

    Basic Information

    Name: Kenta Ando
    Nicknames: Just goes by Kenta, drops the family name.
    Appearance Age: 25
    True Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'0
    Weight: Not overweight?

    Character Information

    Personality: Kenta is not a sociopath.  That must be made clear before the next statement: He has little empathy.  He does not have a chemical imbalance that makes empathy near impossible, he's just spent his life not being able to learn.  No one ever read and considered his emotions, so he never learned how to do it to others.  He has a little, for he can sometimes tell when his adoptive father is upset, but it's weak from disuse.  This makes him quite an efficient mercenary.  Whether it be killing a beast or a person, with so little empathy little holds him back.  Though his lack of empathy does make him unable to recognize love.  Not necessarily romantic, but any form.  His adoptive father, despite never showing it well, does love him, but Kenta can't tell.  Being unable to recognize that without it being spelled out also presents the problem of being unable to solve the lack of empathy.  He needs to learn to recognize emotions, but being unable to recognize the simplest one from someone close holds him back.  Truthfully, while being a little cold will always be a trademark, he is simply love and fun deprived.

    Kenta can be quite cold and calculating.  Once he learns about someone, he can plan every waking moment of their until the exact moment he kills or kidnaps them.  He doesn't randomly target people, but it works wonders for contracts.  He has a face that is near unreadable.  His heart rate never jumps, his breathing stays steady, the ultimate poker face.  Which is probably why one of the few things he actively enjoys doing is a bit of gambling.  If the game is against others, and they need to be able to read him to outdo him, he excels at it.  Granted he's bad at reading other people's emotions so it doesn't mean he always wins, but he wins more often than he loses.  Still, besides his work and some  (surprisingly safe) gambling, he is fairly empty.  There isn't much else to his life.

    Character Background: Kenta didn't have parents.  While someone may have given birth to him, his parents never cared much and despite living in a house he basically grew up alone for the first six years of his life.  It was only after it became obvious serious neglect was going on that he was taken from that home.  Unfortunately it was straight into an overcrowded orphanage.  Growing up there wasn't much better, as he didn't get the personal attention he needed.  He was just a child, and while right and wrong was relayed to him, the reasons to choose right over wrong weren't made clear.  He wasn't an evil boy, but growing up without a real use for empathy dulled his.  It was still there, but under-use had left it weak, like a muscle.  Therefore, he usually kept to himself, though occasionally getting into fights with other boys.  Those that ran the orphanage didn't do much to fix it either, just considering him a problem and punishing him arbitrarily.  Even if he didn't start it, even if someone else started it and he hadn't even thrown a punch yet, it was his fault.  Eventually though, it became hard to punish him.  He'd get into a fight with some kid and just disappear.  The orphanage never found out that Kenta learned that he could stealth himself with his arcana.  In fact, he also learned he could make tunnels in the ground.  Still young, it was being able to play alone and in the tunnels that actually saved his sanity, even if his empathy had withered.  He was still a child, a safe place he could run to and play in did wonders for stopping a full-fledged sociopath from being born.

    Eventually though, his power was discovered, not by the orphanage but by someone who was checking out the children.  A mercenary.  With no wife he decided to adopt a child.  Finding Kenta's powers, stronger as a 17 year old, interesting, he adopted the boy.  The merc was not a particularly loving figure, mostly putting Kenta through intense training to train him to be an elite mercenary.  He learned how to fight, how to survive, and even how to be stealthy, making as little sound as possible as to not alert people to his presence.  With training and proper use of his powers, Kenta was deadly efficient.  Even though he didn't take on military contracts, which were some of the best paying when results were shown, he ended up gaining quite a bit of wealth and fame.  Assassination and kidnapping contracts became quite common for him.  His adoptive father helped set him up deep in the wilderness and they used the wealth to build up a home.  Not a mansion, but not a modest little hovel either.  With it's incredibly remote location, and a tunnel network stretching out for miles, it was effectively a hidden fortress.  Still with his empathy still dulled, he had trouble noticing the occasional sad glances from his adoptive father.


    Type: Arcanist (Sorcerer)
    Description: Stealth Network - Kenta has two basic abilities.  The first is simple, camouflage.  He can blend himself in with his surroundings almost perfectly.  It isn't invisibility, yet.  Each part of his body and clothing becomes the color of what is on the opposite end of it, rendering him near invisible.  It doesn't update perfectly, so if he moves quickly it becomes obvious unless he's running against a single colored wall.  It also requires an object to be within 20 feet for his body to register it to stealth with.  It also doesn't stealth sounds, so clothes rustling, footsteps, etc. can all be heard as normal.

    The second ability is that he can effectively create an underground tunnel network with ease.  He can effectively tear the earth aside, and compact it along the wall to make a sturdy hole in the ground.  These tunnels can be large enough for 4 people, and as long as he has the time he can make them stretch out infinitely.  Though on a full tank of energy, he can make effectively a 4 mile long tunnel in a day before running out of juice, assuming all he does is make the tunnel.  This allows him to move stealthily across long distances once the tunnel is made.  He can also innately remember where all his tunnels are.  This makes him incredibly slippery as he can make confusing subterranean networks and use them to lose pursuers.  Finally, if need be, he can collapse the tunnel.  Since the tunnel walls are made of compact dirt, he can do so without causing the ground above to cave in.



    Syringe: Since his stealth makes him well versed in discreet jobs and take downs he carries a syringe around with him, namely with a near instant sedative he can inject into someone to relocate them to dispose of. Granted there are various other chemicals he can carry, including aphrodisiacs, blinding chemicals, as well as a placebo truth serum. Sometimes when people think they're forced they'll open up.


    Stealth: Kenta is very good at being stealth. Not just because he has stealth powers, but even when they aren't in use he knows how to use the shadows and to be quiet.

    Hand to hand: Weapons add weight and sound, so he mostly does martial arts if he needs to fight. It works quite well, especially since sometimes he needs to knock people out to move them.

    Hey you're banjacked, hey you're screwed~
    And death is coming for you~
    Trapped on an island, lost at sea~
    Shipwrecked you'll cease to be~

    Hey you're banjacked, hey you're screwed~
    And death is coming for you~
    Trapped on an island, lost at sea~
    Shipwrecked your destiny~

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    Re: Kenta [Approved; 1-2]

    Post by Snops on Mon Oct 17, 2016 8:25 am

    Skill And Racial NumberSkill ModifiersArcana ModifiersTotal
    Agility: 33033
    Durability: 31013
    Endurance: 32023
    Speed: 32528
    Strength: 31013
    Energy Control: 32528

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    Hey you're banjacked, hey you're screwed~
    And death is coming for you~
    Trapped on an island, lost at sea~
    Shipwrecked you'll cease to be~

    Hey you're banjacked, hey you're screwed~
    And death is coming for you~
    Trapped on an island, lost at sea~
    Shipwrecked your destiny~
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    Re: Kenta [Approved; 1-2]

    Post by Serenity on Mon Oct 17, 2016 8:27 am

    Application Checklist

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    • 15 sentences for personality [-]
    • History is 10 sentences [-]
    • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [-]
    • Powers are described reasonably enough [-]
    • Application is not in First Person [-]

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    Re: Kenta [Approved; 1-2]

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