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    Licht der neuen Zeit [open to Noir members]



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    Licht der neuen Zeit [open to Noir members]

    Post by Silim on Sun Mar 09, 2014 8:06 pm


    A single, odd figure was walking through the streets of Aria on this day. A black cloak around his body, and a hood over his head, none could even see the face of the man, even though a few that saw him pass by tried to. This odd man was none other than Merlin, the Keeper of Secrets. An old wizard, incredibly so - especially for how in shape he still was. In truth, he looked no older than twenty under his hood. He was in no hurry, that much was for sure - but he also didn't stop to look at anything along the way, and just kept walking past everything and everyone. His figure seemed to always slip by anything that could impede the slow and steady progress through the city - as if he was a ghost. And really, being dead wasn't too far off the truth with him. For once, he had a very specific goal in mind - and he stopped, finally, in the shade of a tree. Taking out a crumbled letter from within his robe, his eyes flew over the text, unseen by others. The wizard wondered how anyone managed to track him down to deliver a letter in the first place... But Pariah had always been a smart kid. Tracking down a 'Magical Boy' like Merlin was only hard until you just checked which areas had a lower rate of suicides and cases of depression all of the sudden - clear signs that a user of Outsider-Magic obliterated a witch. And since Merlin was a very effective hunter of witches, tracking him down wasn't all that hard.

    "The Noir, huh... Interesting name." mumbling that to himself, Merlin stuffed the letter into one of his many pockets, and continued on his way. Walking around in a heavy cloak and hood during a sunny day wasn't exactly the most comfortable thing normally, but the clothes of the wizard were woven from magic - he simply cooled them down slightly with his magic. A waste of arcana, maybe, but someone like him had a lot of it. And he wouldn't be doing it if not for the multiple black orbs hidden in different pockets on his person. Finally, Merlin found his way to the gates of the building - it looked quite new. Either it had been renovated, or actually built just for the Noir, he couldn't tell - Pariah would have to fill him in on that. Slowly, the wizard raised his right hand and tried to open the front door - locked. Well, that should be obvious, but trying it couldn't hurt. With a sigh, he instead pulled on the doorbell, waiting for a response.
    "Let's see this... family... you've assembled, young friend." mumbling to himself again, one hand within his robe found a very specific black gem, and closed around it. As always, the Grief Seed had an unnatural, cold feeling to itself. Merlin always destroyed Grief Seeds that ran out of power... All but this one. The one that he would carry until the end of his life, and then destroy together with his own cursed Soul Gem.

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    Re: Licht der neuen Zeit [open to Noir members]

    Post by JJ on Thu Jun 05, 2014 10:53 am

    ...welcome to the masquerade...?

    The male looked at the piece of paper in his own hands, his right eye widening slightly as he looked at it. "...Who could have made this..." The male muttered to himself as he flipped the paper over in his hands before finally sighing, releasing his grip on it as the paper flew away, a small fire igniting on it as it turned into dust. "Ah well, we'll be fine." He stated, cheery as always as he opened the door to the office where he worked every day, keeping the Noir employed and helping people all throughout the city of Aria and all of Arcadia. "Morning everyone!" He let out as he opened the door, his vibrant blonde, almost golden hair shining in the light of the hall.

    And it was just then that the doorbell rang. "Who could that be...?" He wondered, thinking about who it could possibly be who had come to visit them on this fine summer afternoon. "'s not him, is it..." The male muttered, an image of Amaro flashing in his mind briefly as he blanched, but then recalled how Amaro was usually exiled on his island. They never talked much anyway, and he still could barley stand the presence of the man. If you could call that thing a man.

    These thoughts stirred through his mind as he reached the door at last. His right hand reaching out, he gripped the doorknob, his black cloak stirring as he personally opened it up wide. "..." He suddenly became slightly stunned with his little smile on his face, blinking once or twice as he processed that the one who had knocked was... none other than Merlin.

    "Everyone, Devote is here!" He let out, throwing up his arms as he turned around, the flame on his forehead coming alight as all over the hall, men and women raised their glasses in jolly cooperation. "I'm glad you could find us. Did you get the letter I left for you?" The male asked, his mittens on his hands as he scratched his chin absent-mindedly, recalling the trip he had taken to deliver that letter. It had been a fun trip, certainly, but he remembered having had a major problem finding the male. It was perhaps a bit ludicrous to think of the male standing in front of the doorway as the one who had primarily founded such an organization as the Noir... but really, that was simply the kind of person he was.

    "And are you looking for work yet, or just visiting? I think I found something that might interest you..."



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    Re: Licht der neuen Zeit [open to Noir members]

    Post by Silim on Fri Jun 06, 2014 5:28 pm


    Merlin had a small smile on his face that only widened when Pariah recognized him. As the founder of the Noir announced his arrival, Merlin entered the building, pulling back his hood and revealing himself. Besides his white hair, he looked no older than twenty or so years, despite having lived for nearly a century by now. Yellow, shining eyes scanned over the jolly band of Noir members - mercenaries by trade, but a family when together like this. This definitely seemed like the work of Pariah, yes... A man filled with a special kind of kindness. On the words of his friend, he took out the crumpled letter once more and nodded.
    "It was hard to miss, really. There aren't too many people adressing letters at 'Merlin' these days, my friend." Letting the paper disappear into his robes again, he patted his friend on the back. "And I have to say, good work. I never doubted for a moment that you'd do it - create the 'Noir'. I'm honored that you invited me to become a Devote, really. I don't see too many friendly faces in my line of... work." Of course, Pariah knew of the fact that Merlin was hunting down Witches nearly nonstop. There were only a few lonelier occupations in the world, but also only very few that took you all throughout the world like this one.

    "And really, it's a bit of both for me being here. I wanted to see your base of operations with my own eyes, as well as the people within it." Looking up and down the hall while scratching his chin in thought, he still had a small smile on his face. "Companions with a strong bond require a place to call home, and you've given them quite a good one. I can't imagine that getting this building was an easy task, either." Nodding, he turned to Pariah fully again.
    "I'd be honored to help out the Noir with a bit of work, naturally. However, I also have a favor to ask of you myself. Should we discuss further in your office, old friend?"

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    Re: Licht der neuen Zeit [open to Noir members]

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