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    A Blind Path!


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    A Blind Path!

    Post by RainaLynn on Mon May 05, 2014 3:44 pm

    The breeze kissed the young girl's skin softly. It has been awhile since she had left the castle. Ever since that terrible day, she still gets shudders at the mere thought. She knew people were around her, not that she could see them, but she could feel their presence and the surprise in their voices. "The Seer? What is she doing outside the Castle? Won't Queen Lillianna be angry with her?" She shook her head as she walked. Behind the blindfold she wore, tears of a heavy heart flowed like rain. They would never understand what it means to be her.

    Destiny was a cruel and malevolent force sometimes. A powerful gift was inside her, but yet this causes people to not even know her name. She laid against the side of a building and cried ever so quietly. Her body beautiful but so fragile. Like porcelain.
    She was dressed in a white leotard with gold metallic accents around the edge hiding her voluptuous chest. Down her arms were gold chains and bracelets leading up to golden spheres around her wrists. Gifts to honor the Goddess who granted her the gifts. Her long pink hair flowed down past her back wildly but beautiful. When they were not talking about the Seer, the humans would spend their time staring at her beauty. She could feels their eyes on her like lasers burning her very soul. Could they not see all she really wanted was just a friend?


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    Re: A Blind Path!

    Post by Silim on Wed May 07, 2014 3:01 pm


    A nice wind was blowing through Aria, as Merlin decided to take a stroll through the city once again. One thing was for certain - Arcadia was beautiful. Everything here had a certain beauty to it - elegance that no other kingdom could ever even hope to match. If he had to list his favorite things about each kingdom, then beauty would be his choice for Arcadia. His one true love, Morgan Le Fay, had originated from this country - even more, her birthplace was right here, in Aria. Eventually, his steps would bring him back to the graveyard, where he had used his influence through the Noir to create a small shrine to her - and to all of the others who had fallen because of the Outsider.

    Right behind the hooded mage followed a small, black and golden creature, enjoying the breeze and sunlight just like his owner did. The darkness-alligned Felli was both his companion, and his calling card as a leading member of the Noir - the sign imprinted onto the Felli, and onto his own skin on the left hand, signalized him as the Devote of Dark. However, his walk was cut short when he felt the presence of arcana nearby. Not that it was all that rare to sense magic within this grand city, but it usually didn't feel this... odd. It was not like his own, not by a long shot - but also not like any other normal arcana he had felt before. And so, he followed that sense around a corner... And there, he saw the figure it came from.

    From the blindfold, Merlin figured that this woman was probably blind. She had a stunning beauty about her - one that was sure to be noticed by all that came across her. However, unlike the normal people of Aria, the old mage wasn't struck by it like a lightning bolt... There was only one person he had ever found attractive on a physical level, beauty of other women be damned. But she seemed... sad. The amber eyes of the magical boy spotted tears running down her face, out from under the blindfold. It certainly wasn't like him to just let someone stand around sad and depressed, oh no. And so, he stepped towards the beautiful woman, with a smile on his face - regardless of her ability to actually see it. One could very easily 'hear' if someone was smiling or not.
    "This is too great of a day to spend it depressed, my dear. Say, what troubles your heart? Maybe Merlin, Keeper of Secrets, can help you." Introducing himself, Merlin did a small bow before her. Some people throughout the world had heard of his name before - others didn't. Regardless of that fact, he simply wanted to help, and his kindness shone through in his voice.

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