A Picture Worth A Thousand Words [Closed]

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    Mikhail Zakrezsky

    "When you walked out so suddenly, I really didn't think you'd come back. I figured you'd go after your money and not have to deal with me anymore. Thank you for not leaving me here." Mikhail blinked twice. "Well, that's insulting." He was actually offended by that. His voice didn't show it, it was more like he was stating a fact. "If I say I will do something, then I will do so by all means possible—unless the consequences of my actions are far worse than the rewards. I said I would return shortly, and I returned shortly—although I still am taller than you are." Mikhail's attempt at humor was pretty damn bad. Maybe if he had laughed or changed expression, it would've been different. "And why would I work to get the money you owed me back? I could make the gold back myself, but that wouldn't be the point of it. You owe me money, and I intend to collect—from you and you alone."

    "I don't think I need to go to another doctor, do you?" Mikhail turned to Hughes. "Doctor Hughes, is your cart filled with the proper materials to finish the treatment? It might have been rude of me to assume it did not, as I did not have time to inspect it myself." Hughes cleared his throat. "It may not be as clean as a doctor's office, but it's got the equipment needed to fix her up." "Ah, good."

    "I need to get back to work... and figure out what I can do to pay you back... I don't have a shop or a business... I saved all of that money up by making things for people and doing odd jobs in the towns that I travel to... It took me months to get that much. I don't know how I'm going to be able to pay you back, Mikhail. I know I can't any time soon, but if you're willing to deal with me for a while, we can maybe travel together? I'd enjoy some company on my travels. " Mikhail thought about that for a moment. "If your primary residence is not in that town, then I have no choice but to travel with you, do I?" The final thing she suggested was to go to Aria. A decent choice. It was far better than going to Grandview.

    "There, I can get the pictures developed and sell the camera for a little bit of cash, what do you think?" Mikhail shook his head. "That is not a good idea. In fact, it would set you back further. It may give you temporary gold, but if you continue with photography, your income will cover that cost quickly. Going to Aria, however, is a good idea. It is a larger city, thus the possibility for income is higher." Mikhail and Hughes both heard the rumbling of cart wheels as he finished. "Ah, the doctor's cart is here. Please, wait and he will finish your treatment." Hughes rushed out, and then quickly returned with a bottle and a rag. "I'm going to have to put her under to finish treatment." Mikhail nodded, affirming that it would be okay. Mikhail took her hand, and looked at her. "Do not worry. It will be okay." That was the last thing he said before the doctor proceeded to knock Alison out.

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