Tsubine Vivianna von Zarkonheinz [APPROVED, 1-5]

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    Tsubine Vivianna von Zarkonheinz [APPROVED, 1-5] Empty Tsubine Vivianna von Zarkonheinz [APPROVED, 1-5]

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    Dragon Disciple Template

    Basic Information

    Name: Tsubine Vivianna von Zarkonheinz
    Nicknames: Tsu (only to her close friends/lover); Vivi (old pet name from old friends/siblings in her hometown); Vivian (old pet name from her mother)
    Base Race: Human, Scholar
    Appearance Age: Early-20s
    True Age: 28
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 172 lbs
    Bust: 38E
    Dragon Class: Great
    Humanoid Appearance: Tsubine isn't some pinnacle of beauty. She isn't the ugly stepsister either. She's a young woman with a good body, even though it might be a little tall for some people.  Tsubine stands at six-foot-flat, and she's usually called a giantess because of it. Some people like her long legs, but others shy away from her. Tsubine has a few scars on her body from where her armor failed her in the past. There is also a large scar on her waist from where she was bitten by Silvath. She has an x-shaped birthmark on her inner right thigh. On her back is a tattoo that helps seal away her dragon form.
    Tsubine Vivianna von Zarkonheinz [APPROVED, 1-5] Appearance

    Dragon Appearance: As one of the "lucky" few that get to become a Dragon Disciple, Tsubine obviously transforms into a literal dragon. As a dragon, Tsubine does not look like most Air Dragons. She was trained by a "nontraditional" Air Dragon, Silvath. Silvath was more akin to a "Storm Dragon," which is a term used for violent Air Dragons. Thus, when she transforms, Tsubine looks much like her former teacher. The difference is that she is the size of a Great Dragon rather than a Legendary Dragon. Despite being an Air Dragon, balls of light escape from her chest and throat. These do nothing but look both intimidating and beautiful.
    Tsubine Vivianna von Zarkonheinz [APPROVED, 1-5] DragonAppearance

    Character Information

    Tsubine is what some would call a saint. She's gentle to the point of people wondering how this woman can exist. This isn't just an act because she's without a home and needs to rely on strangers for a bed if she's lacking on money. She doesn't see a reason to be mean to most people. She knows that Zakatians have the open-heartedness to accept people, and she is no different from her bretheren. Tsubine does what she can to repay strangers for their kindness. And even when there is nothing to be repaid, she does what she can to show that people still are good in this world. Tsubine doesn't just do this to give herself that warm and fuzzy feeling she enjoys. She does this to try and inspire someone else to do something kind to someone. If she holds the door open for someone, she hopes that person will open the door for someone else.

    Tsubine can actually be called motherly despite her young age. She's capable of understanding and empathizing with many things that others couldn't, as she has been through some very odd things in her short time alive. But despite her friendliness, she doesn't have many friends. Truth be told, Tsubine has a hard time really trusting people. She thought her father, a man she greatly trusted, would agree with her idea of Zakatians and Arcadians being able to peacefully live together. Instead, he shunned her and even struck her because of her vocalization of it. So Tsubine is afraid to tell people what she truly thinks and feels out of fear. So, while the quantity of her friendships is low, her quality is exceptionally high. But again, she has to trust someone first.

    Tsubine loves to travel and experience the world. After experiencing quite a lot at Rydian, she wants to see what other people are like. She wants to see how other people interact. She wants to experience all the world can offer her, which is the only reason she claims that she's not at home. Tsubine does a lot of things to experience everything she can. She doesn't take a train usually. She tastes food to see how different areas use their ingredients. Speaking of food, Tsubine is also a bit of a glutton. Not to say that she gets fat from it as she exercises it off to keep her good figure. But Tsubine can eat a lot, and she's generally not one to be proper unless she's in the presence of other nobility. When she isn't, she's quite a... messy eater. Since her favorite foods are steaks and ribs, it's not a pretty picture—unless you think this blonde eating extremely messily is cute.

    As for being a woman, Tsubine is surprisingly still a virgin even at 28. Well, somewhat. She did have a fling in the past, but let's just say nothing got in. She is afraid to think about love, somewhat, as she has no idea what to do. She always blushes and tries to redirect the subject when things of a love or of a sexual nature come up in conversation. She doesn't want to think about those things. Although, it would be wrong to say she doesn't one day want to have someone she cares about. Even as a little girl, she imagined going down the aisle in a nice white dress. And although she still somewhat has dreams like that, Tsubine will do her damnedest to push those thoughts aside.

    Tsubine also is surprisingly self-conscious about her body. She has always been told she was beautiful and in her late-teens was told that she'd "never have to worry about getting a husband with a body like that." Although she does sleep in the nude now, she makes sure there is a robe nearby for her to slip into in case of an emergency. Going back to her past with her sister, it wasn't uncommon for the physically-stronger Eira to kick away young men who would try to cop a feel or worse when Tsubine was in her mid-to-late teens. By the time she was Rydian, she was capable of somewhat defending herself, and that skill only skyrocketed while there. The one part of her body she isn't afraid of showing off is her legs. Although Eira back then may have been the strength in the duo, Tsubine was the speed. If Eira couldn't get there in time, Tsubine would run and she could outrun those young men who were easily twice her size without breaking a sweat. She was jokingly called the fastest thing in Manalt other than the horses. This always made her feel happy, so she's always trained with her legs. She won't wear anything that's too restricting on her legs either.  

    Character Background:
    Tsubine is the eldest daughter of Ivan and Lyra von Zarkonheinz. She is also the eldest child. She is the eldest by only a minute, however, as she has a twin named Eira. Tsubine was born as Vivianna von Zarkonheinz. Her mother called her "Vivian" from a young age, and her siblings all grew up calling her "Vivi." Tsubine was one of the privileged few Arcanists born within Zakat. The von Zarkonheinz family was the source of rumors for a while, but Ivan's promotion to Brigadier General washed away all of those rumors and they were instead replaced with praise for the "loyal" family.

    Tsubine was not allowed to use her Arcane powers, but she did occasionally anyways. She'd do things like trip Eira if she was being a brat, move the curtains in their house  to scare people, and blow away dust. Tsubine also occasionally used her magic to blow up girl's skirts to embarrass them if they annoyed her. She was a decent wind-based Scholar, and it was only because she "knew" the "words" for the spells that she was able to use them. Her parents hated the fact that she did this, and Ivan routinely scolded her for using her gift.

    Tsubine was also an adventurous young girl, and she one day went too far north and into Arcadia. There, she met a young girl that looked like her. Her name was Laeticia Argente. Laeticia and Tsubine were quick friends, as they both had very similar likes and dislikes. Laeticia also was a scholar, although she specialized in water magic rather than air magic. Tsubine and Laeticia played around near the border for years, even though they were not supposed to. They were sometimes caught and brought back to their respective sides, but they always made a promise to see one another again.

    When Tsubine was fourteen, her mother fell ill. Lyra had contracted an unknown illness. She was bedridden, and was in random bouts of pain. The doctors eventually determined that she had Chronic Arcana Eradication, although it was a much slower-acting version. This meant that while it did eat away, it took much longer for it to finally eat her Arcana down to nothing. They tried what they could, but Lyra was unable to be cured. She still has CAE, and the doctors say that even now, she is only about 75% done with the illness. She is still bedridden and can not have any physical activity besides walking and general house chores.

    Tsubine hated seeing her mother like that, so she found Laeticia again. Laeticia said that if there was a cure, it would be at Rydian. If there wasn't a cure, it would be found eventually at Rydian. This was eleven years before the name Serenity Verdant would be known throughout Arcadia and northern Zakat. The two decided to hatch a plan to get Tsubine into Rydian. For four years, they did odd jobs to get the money to go to Rydian. And they eventually made it to their goal. At age sixteen, however, Tsubine changed her name to what it is currently. When asked why that name, she only replies because she liked it. Tsubine was given the gold and Laeticia's personal information so she could get into Rydian. Tsubine left in the middle of the night with only a note that read "I'm leaving to find a cure for Mom." She didn't find a cure during her years there, but she always kept trying.

    At Rydian, Tsubine was an odd student. She was unable to really use her Arcana to its fullest, and her professors took note. To them, it seemed as though she had no idea how to even use Arcana. She explained that she was from a small town far away from any of the Arcadian cities, and that training her abilities was dangerous. The professors bought it, but they assigned Tsubine a tutor—a fourth-year student who specialized in what Tsubine seemed to have an affinity for. Her name was Cornelia de Scirocco. And soon Tsubine would realize that this woman was not who she seemed.

    Cornelia and Tsubine hit it off fine. Cornelia liked asking about why Tsubine did things. She liked knowing Tsubine's motivations. She'd smile wide, toothy grins at times. She'd even pressure Tsubine into trying new things—like drinking, new Arcane techniques, etc. She helped train Tsubine into being an amazing Scholar with specialization in wind magic. But that's not all she did. Cornelia earned Tsubine's trust, and eventually, her heart. Cornelia and Tsubine had a passing fling, and Cornelia showed Tsubine just about every way that she could be pleasured without a single bit of insertion. It was the winter break of the year they met that Cornelia asked Tsubine to go to her "mountain retreat" for some "real fun." Tsubine, naive and trusting, did so.

    Cornelia's retreat was a castle that looked to have been abandoned for years. When Tsubine inquired about why they were here, Cornelia threw up a barrier of wind around them. And then, Cornelia changed. Cornelia de Scirocco was actually an Elder Dragon named Silvath. Silvath was known as the Storm-Winged. Silvath was a particularly vicious Elder Dragon, who was known to be a seductress and a manipulator. And she played Tsubine like a fiddle. But it was for the greater good, as Silvath announced that she was going to give Tsubine the ability to become her true Disciple. Tsubine accepted, still trusting the dragon.

    Tsubine underwent a horrid month of excruciating pain and training. She bled and howled in pain. Sleep was something she was constantly deprived of. Halfway through her training, she was given the key to becoming a true Dragon Disciple. Silvath bit her, infusing her Arcana into the young Zakatian body. It warped her internally, and she soon transformed into a dragon herself. She had become one of the "lucky few." She enjoyed the power, the freedom, and the feeling of being a dragon. And then, she was trained further. The pain continued, but she was able to use her magic like it was an extension of her body now—as it actually was now.

    Back at Rydian, Tsubine continued to excel, but Silvath did not return. Instead, Tsubine was to return during her breaks from school as well as weekends to continue to train. Eventually, Tsubine trained so hard that her eyes began to look like a dragon's. But then, Silvath disappeared. Tsubine has no idea where her mentor disappeared to. She doesn't know why Silvath disappeared either. Her eyes returned to normal, and she continued to use her magic and train to get stronger. Soon after graduating, she paid her respects to Silvath by leaving a gift of silver for her mentor.

    On her way back to the Empire, Tsubine was ambushed by slavers. They tried to take down the tall, pretty woman. Considering there were ten of them, it wasn't too hard. That was until Tsubine decided to try out fighting as a dragon. Tsubine slaughtered them, and the nearby slave caravan that held their master and the other slaves. She was uncontrolled while in her dragon form. After an hour of rampaging, she was able to break out of her dragon form. She found a cave and wept for the rest of the day. Tsubine was terrified of herself. She didn't know if she could control herself if it happened again. So she sought out someone who could seal it away. The person she found was an old hermit. Although he could not fully seal the dragon within, he did give her a seal that would allow her to control when she became a dragon.

    After attaining her seal, Tsubine rushed back home to tell her father that she was able to get along with Arcadians. When she did find her father—now a Brigadier General—he was furious with her. He interrogated her, asking where she had been and why she left. Tsubine told him that she had gone into Arcadia to see what they had there. And that the people there weren't horrid. They may be stuck up in some ways, but they were not horrid people. She said that Zakatians and Arcadians could get alone. And that is when her father struck her cheek so hard, Tsubine was knocked to the floor. He called his daughter a traitor and a disgrace. And not once did he refer to her as her now-legal name, but always as "Vivianna."

    Tsubine left the next morning, knowing that her father would likely have her under house arrest if she stayed much longer. She said goodbye only to her mother and siblings, and simply left a note for her father saying goodbye. Tsubine had experienced so many new things while in Arcadia. She had barely been out of Manalt during her childhood, so she set off to experience new things in Zakat. She also decided then that she would do what she could to spread Zakatian hospitality (or at least, her ideal of it) throughout the land. Unfortunately, Tsubine has been mainly in Zakat. She has not traveled too far into any other country's borders.

    Draconic Abilities

    Racial Ability: Calling Roar: In either form, an Elder Dragon gets the ability for their roar to call forth more dragons from within a 5-mile radius. A Dragon's roar is very distinct. It sounds nothing like any other animal out there, so once this is heard people know what's making that sound. This can be used to call for aid from another Dragon. Any Dragon who hears this roar can choose whether to come or not, but likely will because they're being called by their own kind.
    Element: Air
    Elemental Abilities: Tsubine masks her abilities as a Dragon Disciple by saying she is an air-based Sorcerer. This means that she can learn new techniques by watching how more talented air and wind users use their magic.

    Air Walk: Tsubine can use the air beneath her to walk on areas normally impassable. She tries not to use this much.

    Burst of Wind: Tsubine can, for one post, gain a temporary +50 to her speed. She can do this once per three posts.

    Dancing Wind: A basic attack, Tsubine simply sends forth a vortex of wind. It spins towards the target, picking up speed as it goes. Hitting the target slowly flays them, starting with their clothes. It's very inaccurate unless she is using her Arcane Manifestation as well. She can fire one per post.

    Redirection: Tsubine can redirect arrows and bolts away from her, as if she were just pushing them away. When using her Arcane Manifestation as a focus, she can force them to change direction entirely, allowing her to even return arrows to their owner.

    Cyclone Bubble: Tsubine forms a bubble of wind around someone. This is noticeable and can be avoided before the bubble closes. Once the bubble closes, the inside of the bubble is still. Then there is a wall of turbulent winds that will rip someone to shreds. Finally, there is another small wind barrier that keeps the turbulent winds from escaping. If Tsubine has a bubble up, she can not create another. The bubbles last for five posts or until they are dismissed.


    Arcane Manifestation Appearance: Tsubine's Arcane Manifestation is called "Zephyranthes," and it is a rapier that is as light as air. If it leaves Tsubine's hand, it will actually float until dismissed.
    Tsubine Vivianna von Zarkonheinz [APPROVED, 1-5] Zephyranthes

    Arcane Manifestation Abilities: Tsubine's Arcane Manifestation acts as a focus for her Arcane abilities mainly, but using it can exhaust her. Any other Dragon Disciple or Elder Dragon can easily tell that her Arcane Manifestation is not complete. She was not properly trained in how to fully manifest it, which is why it is so weak right now.
    Void Space: The only ability Tsubine has unlocked from her Arcane Manifestation. Tsubine slices the air in front of her, forming a vacuum in the air. The vacuum'a maximum width is determined by however long the cut Tsubine makes. If she makes a cut that is one foot long, the maximum width is 2 inches. It basically looks like an eye. Longer cuts are good for shielding a person from fire-based attacks, as any fire that hits the vacuum is instantly starved. The vacuum can not move, and Tsubine can only have one up at a time. She can make two vacuums a post, however.

    Swordsman: Tsubine is known for her sword skill mainly. She is quick and accurate as she has trained hard and long. Tsubine is trained enough with her longsword to wield it one-handed. However, she is definitely a frightening figure once she uses two hands...

    Savate Expert: As someone who is almost in love with her own legs, Tsubine isn't just trained with her blades. If it comes down to it, she is a decent fighter in hand-to-hand. Every piece of her armor is meant for the martial art of Savate. The only part that is used in Savate but isn't covered is her knees. She finds the knee armor to be too restrictive, and would never wear it. Savate is a martial art that focuses on the legs. She's capable of all sorts of kicks (she's mighty flexible, whatever implications those may be...) and has not been bested in a duel. She seems to enjoy it when someone does take up her challenge though...

    Violin: Although she isn't some prodigy or genius with it, Tsubine is good at the violin. She is more than capable of playing most any tune well if not near-perfect.

    Cooking: Tsubine is a good cook, and she is a fan of messy, spicy foods.

    Longsword: Tsubine carries around a finely-crafted longsword. It is her weapon of choice.
    Tsubine Vivianna von Zarkonheinz [APPROVED, 1-5] Sword

    Bag of Holding: Tsubine has a bag she bought in Arcadia that holds many things in such a tiny space. It's an Arcane Item, actually. She uses it to store things like her clothing, camping supplies, etc.

    Draconic Seal: Tsubine had a seal placed on her that seals her Dragon Form unless she uses a release phrase. The phrase is "Let my body bring forth nature's wrath."
    Tsubine Vivianna von Zarkonheinz [APPROVED, 1-5] Seal

    Violin: Tsubine has a very high-quality violin that her father bought her on her tenth birthday.

    Companion: Tsubine has a peregrine falcon named Aquila. Aquila is an adult male peregrine falcon. Aquila weighs nearly two pounds, and he has a wingspan of about 40 inches. Tsubine has had Aquila for about 6 years now. Aquila is fiercely loyal to his master, and will protect her the best he can. Tsubine likes to remark on how grumpy he looks. But she also says he's "one of the cutest things I've ever seen." This usually elicits a screech from Aquila. In fact, every time he is called "cute," he screeches.

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    Tsubine Vivianna von Zarkonheinz [APPROVED, 1-5] Empty Re: Tsubine Vivianna von Zarkonheinz [APPROVED, 1-5]

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    Agility: 40
    Durability: 18
    Endurance: 35
    Speed: 40
    Strength: 32

    Energy Control: 15

    Dragon form:

    Agility: 35
    Durability: 38
    Endurance: 45
    Speed: 60
    Strength: 52

    Energy Control: 15

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    Tsubine Vivianna von Zarkonheinz [APPROVED, 1-5] Empty Re: Tsubine Vivianna von Zarkonheinz [APPROVED, 1-5]

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    Application Checklist

    • Name [-]
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    • Gender [-]
    • Appearance Present [-]
    • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [-]
    • Appearance is Not Claimed [-]
    • 15 sentences for personality [-]
    • History is 10 sentences [-]
    • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [-]
    • Powers are described reasonably enough [-]
    • Application is not in First Person [-]

    Tier: 1-5
    Level/Points: Experienced; 120

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    Tsubine Vivianna von Zarkonheinz [APPROVED, 1-5] Empty Re: Tsubine Vivianna von Zarkonheinz [APPROVED, 1-5]

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