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    Juliette Kenward [Approved, 0-4; Legendary] Empty Juliette Kenward [Approved, 0-4; Legendary]

    Post by Serenity on Sat Mar 26, 2016 3:15 pm

    Elder Dragon Template

    Basic Information

    Name: Juliette Kenward
    Nicknames: Zaphirith
    Appearance Age: 30
    True Age: 350
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 138
    Dragon Class: Legendary
    Dragon Appearance:

    Juliette Kenward [Approved, 0-4; Legendary] Dragon%20Form_zpstc0rncjq

    Humanoid Appearance:

    Juliette Kenward [Approved, 0-4; Legendary] AP1_zpstwkntvi2

    Juliette Kenward [Approved, 0-4; Legendary] AP2_zpsuhxeb174
    Juliette Kenward [Approved, 0-4; Legendary] AP3_zpsidxgwlnf

    Character Information

    Personality: Juliette, often called Julie or Julia, is the surprising leader of Aria Grand. She is well aware that her appearance is not what people expect of the leader of the most powerful guild in Arcadia. She's really sick of hearing about it and the shocked expressions she gets. There are even times that people look at her like she's insane when she confirms this fact. This is why she doesn't say shit about it anymore. People are downright disrespectful about it, so no one gets to know anymore.

    The people of Aria Grand mostly know who she is, but Juliette often tosses a lot of the curiosity toward Lillianna. Juliette prefers to have fun and deal with things behind the scenes. She and Lillianna are close, so the two will often have secret meetings and get things done that way. Since she's been the Guild Master for so long, most of the people who are currently in Aria Grand weren't around when she stopped telling people. For a while, it was a mystery, now it's assumed that Lillianna is.

    Juliette is a dutiful woman who keeps to her word. She's fiercely loyal to her guild, the City of Aria, and Arcadia. She believes strongly in the free use of the Arcane and will support anyone trying to journey into the mysteries that Arcana has to offer. She does her best to encourage her guild-mates to practice and learn as much as possible without fear of punishment. The Arcane is a very volatile art and things go wrong, so as long as you're not intentionally trying to hurt people, you're fine.

    Character Background: The legend of Aria is a beautiful one. She brought together an entire country with a few hopeful words and loyal followers. But that wasn't everything. Arcadia was at war with the world, so how was anything kept peaceful? Well, Juliette could tell you since she is the only descendant of an important piece of this puzzle. Aria made a deal with a powerful Elder Dragon in hopes stopping the violence. With a contract made, the Elder Dragon protected the city of Aria.

    Juliette has taken on this contract . Even though Aria Aranhartte is gone, the city of Aria still lives strong. Juliette lives in Aria and has become the leader of Aria Grand for this reason. She is able to keep up with current events and stay close to the city that she must protect. For years, she has kept silent about what she is doing here and still only a few people know her secret. Juliette isn't the type of person to want all of that attention, so her identity as Guild Leader and Elder Dragon are secret.

    Aria has been safe for some time and there has been only once incident that Juliette decided to transform for. When a powerful dragon of her own stature chose to attack the city for unknown reasons, Juliette was forced to transform and defend the city. She did not wish to kill one of her own kind, but after it refused to back down and leave the city, Juliette was forced to take action and annihilated the beast. When the dragon fell, Juliette vanished and returned secretly in her human form.

    During the three centuries Juliette has lived, she has done a great deal many things. She's been a teacher, a farmer, a writer, a miner, an explorer, and so much more. She's trained her body in the same manner as her Mother once did, so she's surprisingly toned and very fit. Even with her high skill in battle, Juliette prefers the more quiet life with friends and her guild mates. And even though she keeps her identity a secret to most, there is nothing stopping her from giving a speech or two.

    Draconic Abilities

    Racial Abilities:

    Enhancements: Agility: -10, Durability: +40, Endurance: +20, Speed: +20, Strength: +40

    • Flight: Dragon Form
    • Power Transfer: Ability to create a Dragon Disciple
    • One Point In Linguistics: Not bestial like other dragons, smart.
    • Transformation: Into a dragon she can go!
    • Dragon's Eye: Can see super far, zoom in, and eyes turn yellow with long pupil during.
    • Full Flight: In Human Form Too

    Element: Crystal
    Elemental Abilities:

    Crystal: Elder Dragons with the crystal element are completely immune to raw Arcana/energy-based attacks. Their breath attacks will have no element to them, and will just be pure Arcana.

    Dragon Body: In her dragon form, Juliette's talons and teeth are almost as sharp as a metal dragons.

    Breath Attack: A brightly shining lavender colored laser-like breath attack. Her breath attacks feel like millions very tiny and extremely sharp crystals are being shot through her opponents.


    Arcane Manifestation Appearance: Most people think that Juliette isn't very powerful. They know that she is a very good archer and that is about it.

    Juliette Kenward [Approved, 0-4; Legendary] Bow_zpshzmcsg59

    Arcane Manifestation Abilities:

    Arrow Summoning: The arrows appear when she pulls back on the string and vanish when she "sheaths" it.

    Arrow Properties: These crystalline arrows are about 100 times sharper and more durable than any normal arrow. Juliette's arrows can pierce armors that are as hard as steel. They're very difficult to break and are surprisingly heavy, so only she can use them because no other bow can handle them. These arrows can also pierce the toughest dragon scales.

    Volley: Used once per post, Juliette only shoots one arrow, but the moment the arrow flies, up to 10 extra arrows fly along with it. They shoot off in the shape of a cone to cover a wide area.

    Rapid Fire: Juliette holds the string, but the arrows still fly, creating a machine gun effect using up to 10 arrows per post. This ability can be used once per post, even along side volley.

    "The Big One": Used once every five posts, this is a massive arrow that shoots forward normally from Juliette's bow. The arrow strikes it's target or an area and explodes in a twenty foot radius of extremely sharp but small shards. The shards pierce and slice anything they come into contact with.


    • Master Archer
    • Master Hand-To-Hand Combat
    • Adept Swordsman
    • Advanced Seamstress
    • Good Surfer
    • Good Skier
    • Herbalist
    • Decent Cook
    • Writer/Author: Has published 6 books under alias: Joyce Ambler
    • Master Appraiser
    • Great Swimmer
    • Great Waitress
    • Great Baker
    • Experienced Guide For Aria
    • Experienced Miner
    • Experienced Teacher

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    Juliette Kenward [Approved, 0-4; Legendary] Empty Re: Juliette Kenward [Approved, 0-4; Legendary]

    Post by Serenity on Sat Mar 26, 2016 3:16 pm

    Human Form:

    Skill And Racial NumberSkill ModifiersArcana ModifiersTotal
    Agility: 4020060
    Durability: 4040080
    Endurance: 4020060
    Speed: 401000140
    Strength: 4010050
    Energy Control: 5020070

    Dragon Form:

    Skill And Racial NumberSkill ModifiersArcana ModifiersTotal
    Agility: 4020-1050
    Durability: 404040120
    Endurance: 40202080
    Speed: 4010020160
    Strength: 40104090
    Energy Control: 5020070

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    Juliette Kenward [Approved, 0-4; Legendary] Empty Re: Juliette Kenward [Approved, 0-4; Legendary]

    Post by Tsubine on Sat Mar 26, 2016 3:27 pm

    Application Checklist

    • Name [×]
    • Appropriate Age [×]
    • Gender [×]
    • Appearance Present [×]
    • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [×]
    • Appearance is Not Claimed [×]
    • 15 sentences for personality [×]
    • History is 10 sentences [×]
    • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [×]
    • Powers are described reasonably enough [×]
    • Application is not in First Person [×]

    Tier: 0-4
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