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    Theresa Auletta [APPROVED, 1-3]

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    Theresa Auletta [APPROVED, 1-3]

    Post by Serenity on Tue May 24, 2016 8:44 am

    Human Template

    Basic Information

    Name: Theresa Auletta
    Appearance Age: 30
    True Age: 40
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’8”
    Weight: 145


    Character Information

    Personality: Theresa has always been a kind woman with a compassionate heart, but since the man she loved was killed in battle, she has changed. The love she has for her children has not faded in any way, but it's difficult for her to show it. Her love is shown in her actions. Each time she holds Tatiana or Luca, she holds them as if she will never see them again. Any time she looks at her children, her eyes shine with pride and of love. Anyone who sees Theresa look at her children can tell how much she loves them, but when they are not around, Theresa is a broken woman. Her heart weeps for her lost love and nothing seems to be able to bring her out of this lonely and depressed state.

    Theresa has always been a free spirit. She has a strong sense of adventure and a loves being around people. She has not had a social gathering in a long time. Anyone who once considered themselves friends of Theresa has long forgotten this. With her depression, Theresa goes nowhere and doesn't see anyone from her happier days. Nothing feels the same to her. She and Leone used to be the life of the party and now everything has been torn apart. Theresa feels like she was only able to have a love like that once and that no other man would ever love her like Leone did. This is why she keeps to herself. She is lonely and plans to deteriorate in the comfort and emptiness of her bedroom.

    To the few that are able to see Theresa, it's a wonderful time. She is a great conversationalist who is genuinely interested in the people she's talking to. It doesn't seem that way all the time for two reasons; she doesn't let people touch her and she doesn't look people in the eye for too long. Theresa's magic makes her think that no one can get to know the real her. Just looking someone in the eye will sway them toward her side. It's good for political debates, but not when you're wanting to have a conversation with your daughter or make a new friend. She often wears gloves so she doesn't touch people and rarely hugs them while they've been talking. It's a lonely way to live your life.

    Character Background: Theresa Auletta was born to be queen, quite literally. Her parents hoped for a son, but received a daughter instead. They did not love her any less, but Theresa’s mother, Queen Layla Auletta, was no longer able to have children. Theresa grew up an only child and quite lonely. Her young life was spent taking lessons on how to be Queen of Arcadia. She had few friends, and most friends she did have worked for her parents. Her father, King Travis Auletta, rarely let her leave the castle to get to know anyone. Theresa was a bit of a free spirit, so she often snuck out when she got her chances. This only got her into trouble, but one of these trips were worse than the others.

    Theresa left her home without at disguise and no one recognized her as the Princess. She realized none of Aria’s civilians actually knew what she looked like and took advantage of this fact. Unfortunately, there were few people who did know and one of them recognized her. Theresa found herself surrounded by a group of unsavory characters that wished to hold her hostage. As they attempted to take her away, her cries for help were answered when a strong and handsome young man came to her rescue. Theresa continued sneaking out of the castle to meet this young man, Leone De’Luca. He continued to protect her for months before she told him her secret; she was the princess. He was stunned, but that changed nothing. They had fallen head over heels for each other.

    Theresa and Leone were married with both of her parent’s permission, but Leone was requested to take the name Auletta, like all members of the royal family before him. He did without hesitation and he and Theresa began their wonderful life together. Three years later, Travis was killed in battle and Layla stepped down as Queen. Theresa and Leone were quickly named King and Queen of Arcadia. Within the year, Theresa was pregnant. She gave birth to Tatiana Auletta. Four years later, she gave birth to a son named Luca Auletta. They were quite the beautiful family and were beloved by their country. A year after Luca’s birth, Leone fell in battle, leaving Theresa devastated and her spirit broken.

    Since the fall of her beloved husband, Theresa has fallen into a deep depression. She keeps to her room, seeing her children almost on a schedule. She stays has loving as she can, but does not interact with anyone outside of her children often. Because of this Tatiana has taken over duties that she should not have to, but does for the sake of her country and mother. Her son is still young, so he gets into trouble and often looks to Tatiana like a mother more than he does Theresa. Theresa has not noticed this changes, but wouldn’t like them if she did. It has gotten to the point that the citizens of Arcadia once again do not know her. Some people think she’s sick while others think there's a conspiracy.


    Type: Arcanist
    Description: Theresa's Arcana allows her to charm those around her. She is able to alter their perception of herself or of the people around her from good to bad, bad to good, attracted to disinterested, and vise versa. She has some seduction Arcana as well, but isn't the type to use it.

    Charm: When Theresa looks someone of the opposite sex in the eyes (or someone that is sexually attracted to her) and gives them a suggestion or a request of some sort, they feel more inclined to accepting the suggestion as fact or completing the request she is asking of them.

    Charismatic Aura: When within fifty feet of Theresa or while looking at her, people of the opposite sex or lesbian/bisexual orientation are automatically more attracted to her. This can cause problems when people already are attracted to her because it makes the attraction stronger.

    Melodic Voice: Theresa's Arcana allows her voice to sound beautiful. It's like a soft lullaby being sung when she speaks. Her tone sometimes seems airy, smooth, light, and sweet. Her voice almost sounds different to anyone she speaks to; her arcana chooses a melody suited to the listener.

    Perfect Figure: Theresa is immune to gaining weight. She keeps the perfect figure she has no matter what. This is also how she looks so young when she's not. She has a high metabolism and eats more than normal because of it, but never gains weight, has acne, and her hair is perfect.

    Immunity: Theresa is immune to mind-based abilities. Her mental state cannot be messed with. She sees through illusions without a problem. Her emotions cannot be messed with. Her mind and emotions cannot be read. Suggestion and request type Arcana do not work on her.

    Sensory: Theresa senses when someone is trying to mess with her mind. If someone is trying to read her mind or her emotions or if someone is trying to use a suggestion on her, she can sense it. She can also tell who (or where) these things are coming from if they caster is out of sight.

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    Re: Theresa Auletta [APPROVED, 1-3]

    Post by Serenity on Tue May 24, 2016 8:58 am

    Skill And Racial NumberSkill ModifiersArcana ModifiersTotal
    Agility: 388
    Durability: 325
    Endurance: 366
    Speed: 325
    Strength: 325
    Energy Control: 34040

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    Re: Theresa Auletta [APPROVED, 1-3]

    Post by Tsubine on Tue May 24, 2016 9:08 am

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    Re: Theresa Auletta [APPROVED, 1-3]

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