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    Demon Template

    Basic Information

    Name: Chikage Kazama
    Birth Name: Amonahum
    Appearance Age: Late 20s
    True Age: 60
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'4
    Weight: 185

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    Character Information

    Personality: The heard of this half-demon is a complicated one. He's filled with anger towards both humans and demons alike. He despises demons for chasing him throughout his life and trying to pull him into their world. He does not have any interest in demons or their dealings. He has told many of them throughout the years to leave him be. Each one refuses and is killed or sent running with their tails between their legs, sometimes that being quite literal. He wants them to leave him in peace, but they refuse. Because of how many of them he's now killed, he's also seen as a traitor. They've offered to forgive him, but only if he chooses to fight by their side. He will not do it.

    Chikage's mindset toward humans is just as angry, but for different reasons. He's more lenient toward them. He hates them because of how treat him. His eyes are obviously demonic because of how they shine, especially in the dark. When he grows his horns, the treatment he receives gets worse. He doesn't like being looked at like a monster, but he understands why it happens. They're fearful of him and they should be. Humans are weak and even though he's half human, he knows he overpowers them. And though he does hate them, Chikage prefers living beside them than his fellow demons. He does not like the needless cruelty and brutality of the kind that make his other half.

    He was raised by a very kind human woman who tried to hide his demonic side from the world. Chikage no longer tries to hide it, but he doesn't walk around tossing the fact around either. If he needs to use his demonic abilities or ends up showing what he is, he shrugs it off like it was nothing. The reason he doesn't try to hide it is because most of the time he can't. If someone says something or does something wrong and triggers a few of his irritations, the likelihood of beating the shit out of them is high. There are only a few of these though; Don't take what belongs to him, don't get loud or yell like an obnoxious child, and do not touch him unless he has given you permission to do so.

    Chikage is a volatile man. His mood can change very rapidly. He usually keeps a very calm demeanor and is a true gentleman. He's often been called "too good to be true" by the women he's tried dating and even their friends. He's kind, gentle, helpful, generous, and is able to get on just about anyone's good side. He's very possessive, so if he feels like his position is being threatened, it can cause problems. He's also very sneaky, so when he decides to take action, the chances of those realizing it was him are low, unless he's shown himself intentionally. He also doesn't like being challenged or told he isn't good enough. He's always good enough. He's determined to be, almost too determined.

    Character Background: Chikage Kazama was born to the name Amonahum, a black name to show demonic heritage. His Mother, was a human woman named Kathryn, a Zakatian from outside of Nethoral. She was abducted from a caravan that passed a little too closely to the border of the demonic country. She was taken in by a demon named Druunlok. He was well-known and bought her for breeding a child that would look more human than demon. It worked well, but Kathryn was not willing to hand her son over to Druunlok. When Chikage turned two, Kathryn was able to take him from his home and run away. She had the help of a friend, a demon she had fallen in love with.

    Kathryn was helped by her true lover to get back into Zakat and was given money for travel and home. She was able to settle down for a few years and watch her boy grow as happily as he could. There were still problems that he had to deal with. His bright red eyes flashed when he was angry, showing the other townsfolk that he wasn't normal. His rage was something he had problems controlling and he didn't know why. He would attack neighbors who looked at him funny, beat the other kids, and even slaughtered a teacher who called him a monster.When that happened, they were forced to flee, but were chased by both Zakatians and a small group of demons, one of them was his Father.

    Chikage finally began questioning his Mother about why they were running and why they needed to get to Arcadia. She told him everything. She told him how she was kidnapped, forced to have sex with Druunlok, and how they tried taking him away from her. She made sure he understood that no matter how he was conceived, she loved him with all of her heart and that was why she was fighting for him. Chikage just wanted to live with his Mother, so the two ran together. Now that he knew what they were running from, things were easier and less confusing. They reached the border of Arcadia when he was fifteen. They made it across the border, but something went very very wrong.

    Druunlok somehow got word of where the two were going. They ended up being chased through the Silverwood Forest heading north. Just as they stopped to take a breath, an arrow shot out through his Mother's chest. Chikage immediately picked her up and began running. He got to a river and crossed it before collapsing on the other side. His mother begged him to keep running without her. She couldn't handle the pain and the nearest doctor wasn't going to be close enough to save her. Chikage tried to convince her otherwise, but she told him no. She made him promise her one thing as she lay dying, "Just be good. There are some things you cannot control, but you have a good heart."

    He promised her that he would try his best and that he would never fall into his Father's hands again. Leaving her behind, Kazama was able to get away from his Father and those hunting them. He hid in Ardale for as long as he could and then moved to Aria. Since then, he has spent the last forty years traveling back and forth from places he's been. He travels throughout Arcadia, getting bored and annoyed at the way he's treated. He's tried to settle down like the humans do, but has failed each time he tries. His heart has grown darker, but he still tries to keep the promise he made his mother. Unfortunately, it's easier said than done and Chikage's unpredictable nature makes it harder.

    Racial Abilities:

    Regeneration: 75% regeneration rate to minor wounds during battle and a full regeneration [over time (1-2 weeks depending on what was lost)] when Chikage has lost a limb.

    Keen Senses: Sight and Touch, Immediate Thoughts: Hear the thoughts of someone within 5ft of you.

    Other Abilities:

    Because of his half-human lineage, Chikage doesn't have much expressible power. In other words, he does not throw fire balls, fly, have dark energy, or anything like that. He does, however, have the body of a demon. He has taken on the strengths of his Father, giving him a strong edge against opponents, especially those sent to kill him. Chikage has a natural +30 to each of the skill sheet stats, excluding energy control. He has a hard time controlling himself, so this includes his energy.

    Chikage's other ability occurs when he shows his demon side. When this happens, he grows horns and his eyes turn yellow. He cannot control this change. It happens when he is injured and needs more power to fight. During this change, Chikage's previous bonus is increased to 90. He also gains an area of effect ability that increases the gravity of a 200ft circle around him by two times. This happens when his energy is released with the transformation. This means that those within the area are slowed by 50%. Anyone who has their speed is drop below ten is forced to the ground and cannot move from there. Chikage is not effected by the gravity that his own energy alters.

    Skills: During his years of traveling, there were a few things that Chikage picked up. Firstly, he knows how to fix his own clothing and grow his own food. He's quite handy around the house if need be, though he prefers not to work on such things. During a fifteen year span he had in Ezon, he decided to see what the fuss was about over Ezonian weaponry. He quickly discovered he too enjoyed the popular weapons and learned to fight with them. He's become skilled enough that he uses it has his main weapon, though he's mostly self-taught in the art. The man that originally agreed to teach him refused after realizing he was a demon. Needless to say, that man is now dead, having met Chikage's blade.
    Equipment: Besides the katana he carries, there is only one item that must be noted here. It's a strange "necklace" that he wears that ties in the front. It was his mothers and he keeps it to remind him of the promise he made to her. He very rarely takes it off. It's way too important to him.
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    Skill And Racial NumberSkill ModifiersArcana ModifiersTotal
    Agility: 15103055
    Durability: 15303075
    Endurance: 15303075
    Speed: 15303075
    Strength: 15503095
    Energy Control: 150015

    Skill And Racial NumberSkill ModifiersArcana ModifiersTotal
    Agility: 151090115
    Durability: 153090135
    Endurance: 153090135
    Speed: 153090135
    Strength: 155090155
    Energy Control: 150015

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