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    Nahbe Ensandraen [Approved; 3-1]

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    Nahbe Ensandraen [Approved; 3-1]

    Post by Tsubine on Fri Jan 23, 2015 9:47 pm

    Elven Template


    Name: Nahbe Ensandraen
    ALIAS: Artece Rael
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Height: 5'3
    Weight: 145 lbs

    Nahbe, upon first glance, is among the cutest people you can meet. She is bubbly, cheerful, and hardly anything can get her spirits down. Nahbe sings in the shower and greets every morning she can with a smile. She laughs at jokes she doesn't get, and wants to pet every dog and cat she comes across. And if they don't want her to, she'll smile back and whisper "Maybe later, okay?" Nahbe greets every person she meets with a smile, even if it's pouring down rain. She may not particularly like the rain, but she doesn't let it get her down. She says she lives on the saying of "If you smile, you're bound to make someone's day better."

    There are two things that Nahbe hates, surprisingly. The first is pants. Yes, pants. She hates the way they restrict her, so she rarely wears actual pants. She may wear leggings or shorts when in public. Though that is just because she has been lectured to not go out in just her underwear enough for it to actually sink in. Thankfully that was before she came into human society. In private, she basically walks around in a t-shirt and her hand-sewn underwear. Although there are times where she just walks around in nothing at all—and once a month or so, she accidentally opens the door like that.

    The second is a little more sad. Nahbe hates being a burden. She isn't a full-elf. No, she is only half. And because she's bad at math, she feels she needs to work twice as hard for her to be recognized in the Ensandraen clan. Unfortunately, she is clumsy. She rushes into things without fully thinking on them. Or rather, she does think on them. She thinks on things a lot more than most people. The problem is she comes up with an out-of-the-blue solution that makes little-to-no sense to anyone but her. And because those ideas and solutions get shot down, she feels she is a burden.

    But even though she treats herself so lowly, Nahbe loves her sisters—all three of them. She admires Elwyn for her smarts and beauty, Hacil for her power, and Nilani for her level-headedness. Nahbe is the youngest of the four, and because her ideas are "out there" and that she is only half-elf, she feels that she holds all three back. She'd love to return to them and have fun with them again, but... in her mind, she can't. She would just bring about the destruction of their clan by being the odd one out.




    Racial Ability:
    Shapeshifting: This allows the elf to morph their body into another object or person completely. While using this ability, an Elf is unable to engage in combat using their element because of the difference in focus of Anima. If shape-shifted into another person, the shift immediately dispels the moment the Anima used to alter their appearance is turned outward. Nahbe currently only uses it to hide her pointed ears.

    Type: Earth
    Description: Nahbe barely has much control over her powers, and chooses not to use them at all. However, she has an odd form of using her element that could make her far stronger in the future. She uses her element to create shapes out of the ground. This works best with mud, but dried ground works as well. The shapes are able to move around even if they are not touching the ground, giving them a semi-telepathic link with Nahbe. For example, if Nahbe created a rabbit-like shape (it would look like a cartoonized rabbit), she could make it hop around just like a normal one. These shapes are simple now, but they have the ability to be worked on to create far more complex and dangerous creations.


    Equipment: None
    Skills: Nahbe's only real skill is her ability to sew. She creates her own clothing, and did so even back in the Ensandraen clan.

    History and Roleplay Sample

    What happens when an Elven noble and a human fall in love? Blasphemy, that's what happens. Oh, and Nahbe. Nahbe happened too. Although the other siblings were born of an Elven mother and father, Nahbe was born from a single night of unrestrained and dishonorable passion. Whereas Elwyn, Hacil, and Nilani were all born of politics and honor—Nahbe was the only one born of love. And the circumstances of that forced Nahbe down a path she did not need to ever set foot on.

    Nahbe was shunned. She was not pressured, and practically kept hidden for hours upon hours, days upon days. The only people she was allowed to "freely" associate with were her three sisters. And because of that, she came to love and admire them so much—too much. She'd follow all of them around, only to be pulled away by elders or guards when she tried to venture too far out. She was not even trained in how to defend herself—almost as if they were telling her "we won't support you." But that went far above Nahbe's head. As her time with her sisters grew shorter and shorter, Nahbe trained herself to make "friends" with her elemental abilities. And then, when Nahbe was eight, a meeting was held. It was then that everything began to sink in.

    Elwyn was eighteen, and that is what forced the start of this spiral downwards. All were going to inherit the position of Maha-, a prefix attached to their own title now (Nahbe was the Rao of the clan). Nahbe was the first criticized, as she was only eight. She was too young they said, too immature for such a position. And last, but most important (to the elders, that was), she was a half-elf. That was the first time Nahbe had ever heard that. She was about to ask about it when Nilani gave a signal to be silent. The only one not criticized was Elwyn, which further instilled the idea that she was perfect.

    Halfway through the meeting, Hacil, Nilani, and Nahbe were asked to leave. Nahbe was going to ask Nilani, as Nilani didn't pick on her as much as Hacil did, about why she was a Half-Elf. However, she could not find Nilani. So she turned to Hacil. Their conversation started off pleasant (as could be with Hacil,) but it quickly turned violent as Nahbe asked why her being a Half-Elf mattered. Hacil blew a gasket, and in a tantrum, lost control of her power. That blast of plasma destroyed a tree, knocking it atop three houses. Nahbe could see the look of terror and despair on her sister's face.

    The next thing she knew, Elwyn was yelling at Hacil. And then Hacil at Elwyn. Being the tiny, sheltered girl she was, Nahbe did not have the courage to stop them. Thankfully, Nilani did. Nahbe had never been so scared in her life than she was when that happened. And that set into motion the gears that would leave to her leaving. Nahbe tried to study, but wasn't as smart as Elwyn or Nilani. She tried to use her powers, but was nowhere near as strong as Elwyn or Hacil. She just could not keep up with her sisters. And the more time she spent training, working her way up... the more she realized she would not be able to. Of course, this was because no one dared to attempt to help her. No, the bastard child was not to be allowed the same training. The only thing Nahbe was able to do was sew. And then... when Nahbe was about to take the position of Maharao... she decided. She was nowhere near as smart, charismatic, powerful, nor as liked as the rest of her sisters. Her staying there would only hold back her sisters. In the middle of a strong storm, Nahbe left, heading towards Cieria, where she may be able to blend in better. She left a note for her sisters. It said, "I am sorry I hold you all back. I won't anymore."
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    Re: Nahbe Ensandraen [Approved; 3-1]

    Post by Tsubine on Wed Aug 05, 2015 12:00 am

    Agility: 11
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    Re: Nahbe Ensandraen [Approved; 3-1]

    Post by Serenity on Wed Aug 05, 2015 1:29 am


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    Re: Nahbe Ensandraen [Approved; 3-1]

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